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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Battle of Nature


I use to wonder why so many bloggers complained about the weather on almost every post, but how can you NOT??? The type of heat we've been experiencing here in Florida is not normal and by any means welcomed, at least not by me. The forecast today says 93 degrees Fahrenheit but it feels like 120 degrees (not that I know what that really feels like but I imagine it would feel like this) of total insanity!!! I find myself in a fantasy where there is an inevitable war between the sun and the ocean (clouds are not to get involved) and I shamelessly join the battle of the ocean despite it's lack of dominance. I'm diving back and forth in clear not to shallow waters where the suns only affect on me is the beautiful imagery it creates as it glistens on the ocean's floor. I turn and look at it and think as though it can hear me, 'try to burn me now you miserable prick'. Then I snap out of it and get back to living at the sun's mercy. Siggghhhh!!!! Those fantasies are so far fetched it's depressing. For a quick second I consider settling for a cool lake since I don't live close to the ocean but I won't because it's Florida and I may not make it out in one piece or alive. =(

Because my dreams of cool clear waters is just that, a dream, I opt to wear comfortable clothing made from light non clingy materials and head out to the mall for some good ole window shopping. I tried to brave the sun like a true rebel wearing black for some outdoor shots but I was shamefully defeated by the suns touch after only a few shots. I swear sometimes I feel like it's literally saying to me, "this is my world and I'll let you out when I feel like it."

If I didn't believe in the theory of global warming before, I definitely do now because there's no way the sun can be working alone. What about you? Is the heat unbearable where you are?



Top: Zara/ Pants & Shoes: Forever 21/ Bag: Aldo/ Belt: H&M


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