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Monday, May 28, 2012

Brightening up your day


Hey fashion dolls, how's it going?

Hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend.  Mine was spent celebrating my hun's birthday and preparing for an upcoming trip.  =)  Right now it's super rainy in Florida and I love it.  Rainy weather keeps me calm and is the perfect weather for relaxing with a book or cuddling. =)  I really just love anything to do with water.  When I took this pic it was a typical hot Florida day.  No matter how hot it is I always seem to need a jacket.  You know...my indoor outdoor thingy I mentioned in my last post.  I've had this Zara blazer sitting in my closet for about 2 months and finally got a chance to wear it.  It was perfect for dressing up my super casual look and literally brightening up my day.  I love this look because all I have to do is remove the jacket and heels and it's a perfect beach/pool summer look.  Of course I had to pair it with my favorite color block bag, my DIY studded shorts (featured on instagram and facebook a few weeks ago) and sunnies in my favorite color.  Cheating on my Rayban's for a bit but not for long.  I get separation anxiety...LOL.   







Jacket: Zara (Loving this one)/ Top: F21/ Shorts: DIY/ Shoes: ASOS/ Sunnies: UO/ Bag:Poppie Jones

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blue me away


Hey fashion dolls, how's it going?

Time has been flying, I can't believe it's almost June.  Here I am once again in some of my favorite colors.  I love this little wrap skirt from H&M mostly because of its versatility.  I can throw it on with almost any type of top and it'll work great.  They come with a cute little rope belt with a hanging chain.  The price was right so I snatched them up in a few colors.  Only problem is I have to perfect my stride when wearing these (especially when it's windy) so I don't expose myself...must remember to take short strides LOL.  I've been on the hunt for off-the-shoulder knits and luckily i've had some success finding some cute ones.  They can be a bit intimidating for this time of year (in Florida) but they really keep me cool and aren't clingy so it's great.  Usually the problem I have is i'm burning up outside then i'm freezing indoors.  These tops are a good solution!  They keep the sun from burning my skin, allows breeze to pass through and keeps me warm indoors.  Multi-functional...I love it!  Wishing everyone a fashionable week! =)  Hope you enjoy the pics!





Top & shoes: Zara/ Skirt: H&M (still available) but similar here, Bag: Poppie Jones


Monday, May 14, 2012


Hi fashion dolls, how's it going?

Ok so I know the title may be a bit deceiving but this is exactly what this post is about.  Most of you may already be aware of these tips but for those that aren't, you're welcome (got that from Kobe Bryant..lol).  

I've mentioned before my preferred method of shopping is online.  There's a reason for that and it's not because i'm a lazy bum who likes sitting on the couch surfing the net (as appealing as it sounds).  No!  It's because of the great deals and coupons that are available online.  Some of which aren't printable for store use.  Sites are always trying to drive more and more traffic to their sites so I don't think there will ever be a shortage of coupons.  All it takes is a little bit of patience.  I almost never make an online purchase unless i'm able to find a coupon.  One of my favorite sites for this is Coupon Chief.  Let's face it, we all love to shop (at least the people interested in a blog like this) and we're going to do it anyway.  Why not try to save some money in the process?  I promise you there's no better way to beat your shopping conscience than using a coupon whether you can afford it or not.  You'll feel like you've satisfied your bank account while satisfying yourself.  Sounds like a win win to me!  Both are necessary especially in times like these.  Or you can just stop shopping!  =)  That solution won't last long in my world.  I know, i've tried!...HAHA.  

Ok enough of all the ranting, take this advice and run with it.  Don't you ever click the complete purchase button unless you've searched for a coupon first.  From fashion to beauty to groceries to travel...there's coupons for EVERYTHING (sorry for the yelling).  There are many good sites for this that you can find in a google search but as I mentioned before, Coupon Chief is the best i've seen.  It's a super easy site to navigate with hundreds and thousands of coupons available for any store or site you can think of.  I'm traveling soon and I just saw some travel coupons (airline, hotel, car rental) that i'll definitely be looking into.  

Recently purchased items from Forever 21.  I couldn't have gone animal print crazy without the help of a 20% off coupon along with free shipping.  Have I told you guys how obsessed I am with Tigers and Cheetahs?  Mostly Tigers!

Loving the printed pants rage!  Can't wait to wear my dalmatian print jeans! 

I'll be back with an outfit post really soon.  I still have to post what I wore to the Clinton Kelly event.  Thanks for reading guys and let me know your thoughts on couponing.  Or if you've tried it! 


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pop of Neon


Hey fashion dolls, how's it going?

WOW, can you believe the weekend is here already?  I can't!  This week flew by like it owed someone money...HAHA.  *Yeah I laugh at my own corny jokes!  Sad but if I don't who will?!!! LOL * Ok now that you've been exposed to my crazy, I feel like it's been too long since I made an outfit post.  I took these pics around easter and forgot to post them.  Shame on me!  I really liked the comfort and ease of this look.  People always ask me how I walk in such high heels.  I wasn't aware there was an art to this but I always answer, it takes practice!  What else can I say?  






Top: awesome deal at Marshall's/ pants: Zara/ Shoes & necklace: ASOS/ Bag: Target (love)/ Cuffs: H&M 

Hope you enjoy the pics! ;-)



Monday, May 7, 2012

Clinton Kelly event at Macy's

Hi fashion dolls, how's it going?

Hope you guys had an amazing weekend like I did.  I did so much fun stuff including attending an event at Macy's on Saturday hosted by Clinton Kelly of TLC's "What not to wear."  A fashion show centered between racks and racks of beautiful clothing is just my thing.  Kelly was a very entertaining host as his personality is as big as his size.  Ok that didn't sound right, what I meant was he's tall, really tall.  I think I heard him say 6'4, I had no idea he was so tall.  The event had a really nice setup and was overall very visually appealing.  Much different from the casualness of the Andrew Charles event I attended last year but equally interesting in a much more conservative way.  A few jokes here and there, Kelly presented us with a fashion show separated into 3 segments; work wear, daytime and date night.  


Although the fashion didn't really appeal much to the younger audience he did have some awesome general styling advice that works for every age group and size.  Like; if you find yourself complaining a lot about the size of your lower body, you shouldn't gravitate to skinny jeans.  Kelly insists, although they seem to be a very common go to piece for women, they were not designed for every body type.  Other fashion tips included buying key pieces for your wardrobe (quality over quantity), getting professional bra fittings to ensure your girls look their best =) and my absolute favorite dividing and conquering the bootie.  We all know how important it is to dress so that you accentuate and compliment parts of our body that we don't necessarily want to draw attention to. The bootie happens to be one of them.  Kelly recommends buying tops that cut off at the right place usually not hiding the bootie or fully exposing it.  For the less curvaceous women, like myself, peplum tops and skirts are your best friend.  For the bottom heavy divas A-line dresses and skirts will rock your world (ok so he doesn't speak like this...this is me translating..lol).  If you find you have a shorter neck, when shopping you'll want to grab some v-neck tops that will instantly elongate your neck.  If you're liking these tips you'll just have to watch his show to get more. 

Work Wear

I tried to keep track of what each model was wearing but lost track.  The yellow shoes in the first pic are by Rachel Roy and currently in stock at Macy's.  A lot of the pieces were by Michael Kors, Rachel Roy and Andrew Charles.



Date night

There was a question and answer session where audience members were urged to ask for fashion advice.  I was definitely surprised to hear how many women speak or think so negatively about their bodies.  Which in turn causes a fear of fashion because they're uncomfortable drawing attention to themselves.  I can't say i'm not guilty of this at times but it's so sad.  In all honesty, with growing media and exploding technology I can't see an end to this.  If I wrote the rule book to life I would omit this chapter.  But I don't!....bummer!  Women will always compare themselves to what they see in magazines, online or on TV.  Sad but true! Kelly, whose worked in fashion and magazine for a long time touched on this.  He spoke about the power of editing that goes into these things and the influence it has on the outcome and he's absolutely right.  He wasn't saying anything to me that I didn't already learn (and learned how to do) as a journalism student.  I only wish the millions of women that are guilty of doing this understood.  I can talk about this stuff all day but i'll spare you for now...=) 

LOL...this audience member was such a good sport as she was chastised for her flip flops.  I love down to earth people like that (although she did get a gift card for her trouble).

An audience member asked for advice on how to style this dress.  Kelly recommended gold shoes which I disagreed (of course to myself).  The dress is so busy already I would just pair it with nude shoes a nice clutch and for jewelry a non flashy pair of earrings....no necklace.

Do any of you watch "What not to wear?"  What do you think of Kelly and his expert fashion advice?  Someone with that much experience definitely has a lot to teach us fashion lovers.  Hope you enjoy the post! =)

P.S.  I was in such a hurry I didn't get pics of my self at the event but a proper outfit post of what I wore will follow. 

The beautiful models!  They all looked so gorgeous!


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