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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!!



Happy Happy New Year to all my amazing bloggies!

You guys have definitely been appreciated since starting this blog and I know this experience will only get better in 2012. I can feel it! =) I actually don't have any plans for tonight because i'm not feeling well but that won't stop me from starting 2012 with a smile on my face, some Moscato in hand and lots of love in my heart. 2011 was a tough year filled with lots of learning experiences. I plan to only look back when I need to be reminded of those life lessons but my eyes are mostly focused straight ahead. My path isn't yet clear or I would have definitely been well on my way by now but I could just feel i'm getting there and 2012, God's willing, will be the year. One saying that will definitely be useful to a lot of us going into 2012 is, "When you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done." Unless you had a perfect year, I recommend (if I may) leaving the problems of 2011 behind while we take the happier experiences and maximize them in 2012. A good way to start is by bringing in the year on a happy note. How are you kicking off 2012?





Extremely happy to have my tights back...close enough!

The jacket is one of my most recent thrift finds. I love mixing conservative and classic items with edgier pieces.

This detail along with the color is what made me buy this jacket.

Top: Zara/ Shorts: UO (old)/ Jacket: Thrifted/ Tights: ASOS/ Shoes: DIY (F21)/ Bag: Aldo/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Accessories: (necklace: H&M, Bracelets: Mostly DIY & F21)/ Watch: MK

Hope you enjoy the pics.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays


Hey dolls, how's it going?

Hope everyone had a wonderful week leading into the holidays where i'm sure you'll all be having a festive time. Well at least I hope you do! =) It's definitely a bitter sweet one for me as i'm not able to travel home and spend the season with family and friends. =( I get so much more out of the holidays when i'm there. Coming from a British island, we also celebrate Boxing Day which falls on the 26th. So it's two days of eating and fun! My favorite thing about the holidays is the food. Yummm....God's willing, i'm not missing next year. No way No how!!!!

About the outfit: Love Love Love these red pants. I recently purchased them and this is already my second time wearing them. I threw them on with one of my favorite tops ever purchased from Forever 21. The colors paired together were so nautical which has always been a look that I've enjoyed. There was no thought process for the shoes, I just grabbed the most comfortable shoes closest to the door. The fur lining on the inside made them the prime candidate for comfort. I grabbed my bag and headed right out the door. But not before pulling my messy hair up in a bun. The sash around my waist was not an original part of my outfit. My first stop when I left home was the thrift store and as I walked in I saw it on the rack and immediately grabbed it and tied it around my waist. The cashier actually had to scan it while I was wearing it. I just didn't want to take it off. I LOVE most things tartan print and I think it's a wonderful representation of the season. Hope you enjoy the pics!








Sneaking a pic while my cousin tries stuff on!

Top: Forever 21/ Pants: Target (new)/ Boots: VS/ Necklace: Macy's/ Bag: Marshalls

Thought of the day: You're probably blessed beyond measure but you'll never be able to see it unless you learn to view your life from the outside in and not the inside out. Be grateful for what you have. Not everything that glitters in this world is gold. The only story you'll ever get right is your own, no one else's.


Monday, December 19, 2011



Hey dolls how's it going?

Today is confession day and I have to tell you....I strongly dislike going to the mall. I'd much rather shop in small boutiques or smaller stores not located directly inside the mall. Luckily, the way the local mall is set up, all my favorite stores are located on the outside. AMEN!!!! As much as I LOVE fashion, I think if the mall was my only option for shopping, i'll hardly ever shop or i'll be forced to make all my clothes. Online is my favorite!

About the outfit: Pulled this quick look together to go shopping with my cousin. The moments are rare when I don't feel like adding a bright color to my outfit. This was one of them so I didn't hesitate to pair this olive green military type shirt with my polka dot shorts I picked up at H&M last spring. Although I do have newer items in my closet, recently, I find myself wearing the older ones a lot more. Weird! Typically to go shopping you would think I would prefer wearing flats since it's a lot more comfortable. Nooo way! I love heels! Plus my cousin that I went shopping with is like 100 feet (ok i'm exaggerating) taller than I am. I'm the shortest from a family of both women and men mostly 5'10 and above. Even the younger ones, it's crazy! What a wonderful excuse to indulge in the highest of heels. I love it! This is why it's important for me to buy comfortable heels and the pair i'm wearing is just that. Threw on the scarf to warm me up while outdoors since there was a chill in the air. Although it's not much and I obviously took these pics in a hurry and on my way out, I hope you like.


I designed my nails and it was very cute but it didn't photograph clearly. =(



Top: Zara/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights & scarf: Target/ Necklace: Rachel Roy/ Shoes: Arden B (very old)

Thought of the day: The truth only means something when the person listening to it understands it (Heard DMX say this & loved it). One of the things I got from this is the importance of communication and how important it is for us to listen and understand just as much as we speak. However, this statement can mean so many things! That's what I love about it. What do you get from it?


Monday, December 12, 2011

Behind every cloud there's a silver lining


Hey dolls, how's it going? Hope your week started off on a positive note.

This weekend my cousin and I decided to grab a bite to eat and do some window shopping at Ulta. Saw a lot of beautiful nail polishes that I would love to own but I didn't buy any because I forgot my coupons at home. They send me so many coupons i'll feel silly buying the items at regular price. Plus, I seriously need to start writing down what colors I already own because I always end up with duplicates. My eyes must be attracted to specific colors. Not good! I have to work on that!

About the outfit: This is a top I got from a vintage store a few months ago. It's beautifully constructed but very delicate. I'm one for spiked jewelry so I must be careful with this top. This was my first time wearing it because like usual, I forget I had it. To play up the top (not that it needed playing up) I changed out the laces on my bootie pops to match the silver lining in the top. They actually appear white or light grey in the pics but they're exactly the same glitter effect as the silver lining in the top. Threw in my mirrored clutch which I scored from H&M on Black Friday (probably still in stock). I am OBSESSED with this clutch....i've been searching forever for the perfect one and finally found it. Paired these with a white pants to stick with my sky theme I had going. =) Finding inspiration in the natural things around me is so much fun. I enjoy it! Remember my ocean inspired post? Anyone else doing this?

Thought of the day: You definitely have a right to your own opinions of someone but you DO NOT have a right to your own facts. If people understood this i'm sure the rumor mill would be empty.








Weird weather day!

Lightning! HAHA Just kidding....My photog caught me falling while trying to be creative with my pose.

Top: Thrifted/ Pants: Zara/ Envelope clutch: H&M/ Booties: ASOS/ Accessories: F21/ Sunnies: Ray Ban

Working on becoming more socially connected. Take the ride with me by linking me on twitter @HeelsNposes or like my Facebook page via the link at the top of the page. Hope you like the pics!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Girly edge


Hey dolls, how's it going?

It's been a busy couple of days and i've hardly been able to take blog pics so I do apologize for my absence. On a different note, as mentioned in my last post, macktakmart.com (with their excellent customer service) managed to get the dresses to me on time and they're beautiful. They've been sent out to the respective owners and hopefully I can get pics to show you guys. If any of you are on the market shopping for dresses whether for a wedding, New Year or any other formal occasion, I do recommend this website. But it's important that I note, their dresses are pricey.

About the outfit: This dress is great for any season. In the summer all I would do is remove the cardigan and replace the tights and booties with my pink pumps from my previous post. Or a pair of nude pumps and a nude clutch would work great also. But for now, when paired with black tights and booties it's a perfect fall look that fits my personality. =) I've had this dress for over 2 years now and this is only my second time wearing it. I'm not sure why because I really like it. It goes perfect with my new favorite lipstick which has been in heavy rotation for the past couple of weeks. I actually bought it at Walmart for a really cheap price! It's by a brand called Black Radiance if you're interested in trying it out.

Thought of the day: Do what makes YOU happy in life as long as it's not harmful to others. What works for you may not work for someone else (especially in fashion) and that's OK. Your true friends and family won't judge you for who you are so there's nothing to worry about. Do not alter yourself to suit others or you WILL be living a lie. Easier said than done? No way! It's actually very easy and we should all try it. Thanks so much for reading!






Peep the nail design! I'm getting sooo much better at it! =)

These boots can be worn in so many different ways but for this look I wanted to wear them folded down!

Salute! LOL I play too much!

Dress: H&M/ Cardigan & cuff: F21/ Tights: Target/ Shoes: Zara/ Sunnies: Ray Ban/ Necklace: Rachel Roy

Hope you enjoy the pics!

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