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Monday, December 19, 2011



Hey dolls how's it going?

Today is confession day and I have to tell you....I strongly dislike going to the mall. I'd much rather shop in small boutiques or smaller stores not located directly inside the mall. Luckily, the way the local mall is set up, all my favorite stores are located on the outside. AMEN!!!! As much as I LOVE fashion, I think if the mall was my only option for shopping, i'll hardly ever shop or i'll be forced to make all my clothes. Online is my favorite!

About the outfit: Pulled this quick look together to go shopping with my cousin. The moments are rare when I don't feel like adding a bright color to my outfit. This was one of them so I didn't hesitate to pair this olive green military type shirt with my polka dot shorts I picked up at H&M last spring. Although I do have newer items in my closet, recently, I find myself wearing the older ones a lot more. Weird! Typically to go shopping you would think I would prefer wearing flats since it's a lot more comfortable. Nooo way! I love heels! Plus my cousin that I went shopping with is like 100 feet (ok i'm exaggerating) taller than I am. I'm the shortest from a family of both women and men mostly 5'10 and above. Even the younger ones, it's crazy! What a wonderful excuse to indulge in the highest of heels. I love it! This is why it's important for me to buy comfortable heels and the pair i'm wearing is just that. Threw on the scarf to warm me up while outdoors since there was a chill in the air. Although it's not much and I obviously took these pics in a hurry and on my way out, I hope you like.


I designed my nails and it was very cute but it didn't photograph clearly. =(



Top: Zara/ Shorts: H&M/ Tights & scarf: Target/ Necklace: Rachel Roy/ Shoes: Arden B (very old)

Thought of the day: The truth only means something when the person listening to it understands it (Heard DMX say this & loved it). One of the things I got from this is the importance of communication and how important it is for us to listen and understand just as much as we speak. However, this statement can mean so many things! That's what I love about it. What do you get from it?



  1. I like the outfit. Especially hw stocking n boots could play up an outfit

  2. You are so lovely! I too hate the malls but LOVE going to small boutique our outdoor malls instead! Happy Holidays!



  3. Lovely outfit! ; ) The shorts are amazing!!


  4. nice outfit, you look lovely :))



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