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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ciao summer

IMG_4676 2

I wore this outfit to a movie date with my hun. We go to the movies almost every week which I love because i'm such a movie fanatic. I swear there's hardly any movies out there we haven't seen and if there are I would love to know about them so I can watch them. So if you guys have any recommendations for great must see movies (any genre) please let me know (they don't have to be current).

Anyway, I wore this with the intention to make it my "goodbye to summer" outfit. YA RIGHT! With my addiction to colorful clothing and love for comfort we'll see how that goes. I bought this top from ASOS two summers ago and i've found many uses for it. The details on the back are a sun lovers dream. I bought the skirt from a vintage store a few weeks back and it's actually a top but I decided to use it as a skirt. I know it doesn't look like a top but it is. The gathering at the waist can expand and is actually designed to cover the boob area. It'll be a cute flowy top if I ever use it as that but for now it's the perfect skirt. I paired these with my ASOS ankle chain heels which I never wear. I think I may have too many shoes but i'm not sure how one can have too many. Confused! Why my need for more and more never ends is compelling yet so interesting. My shoe dreams and reality have yet to coincide but for now i'm very happy with the pairs I own. Any more shoe fanatics out there? I can't be alone on this. =(





Edited purple top

Love my peacock! Pricey but sooo worth it.

Top & shoes: ASOS/ Skirt: thrifted/ Bag: Target/ Necklace: F21/ Watch: Betsey J/ Earrings: Rachel Roy/ Sunnies: UO

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and please be safe!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Green steam


Literally! (Peak the blog title) My oh so lovely green parka came out to play for a little bit but the treacherous heat of the sunshine state insists that it stays in until cooler months arrive. Fall? What fall? Our seasons are hot, hotter, hottest and christmas. Although for me anything below 70 degrees is freezing...haha. I really just love tropical weather and i've tried but there's nothing I can do to convince myself otherwise.




Top & shorts: UO/ Jacket & necklace: H&M/ Bag: Aldo/ Shoes: ASOS/ Watch: MK

Thanks for reading and for the lovely comments.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Closet discovery


Tonight, i'll spare you my usual rambles and just leave you with pics of what I wore to grab some lunch with my hun a few days ago. Ok maybe i'll ramble just a tiny bit. Sooo i've had these shoes for at least 2 years and completely forgot about them. It was a great discovery as I got dressed seeing them stare at me from the distant lonely corner all the way in the back of the closet. I'm not sure why I forgot about them, they're my most comfortable pair of heels. Does that ever happen to you?




Jacket: yesstyle/ Top: H&M/ Pants & sunnies: UO/ Shoes: Steve Madden/ Bag: Aldo

Hope you guys enjoy the pics and thanks again for following. You guys are the best!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orlando Fashion Week (OFW)

Hey dolls I hope everything has been good with you guys. Today i'm spending a low key day at home. I just got through cooking lunch for my hun and now i'm enjoying the red carpet looks at the Emmy's. Seeing lots of red and i'm loving it. Red is such a vibrant and commanding color which looks great on almost anyone. Maybe i'll do a post on my favorite looks but back to the original reason for my post.

Last week I was able to attend a few events from OFW and I must say although it's nothing compared to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week the Mall of Millenia and all the stores involved did an impeccable job organizing these events. The first show I attended featured looks from stores such as Cache, Ann Taylor, Macys, Ed Hardy and the list goes on. I didn't get a chance to attend FNO (bummer) but I did attend all the fashion shows. They always get the best hosts for their shows which last year included Giuliani Rancic and this year celebrity stylist and co-host of E's Fashion Police, George Kotsiopoulos. If you don't know who he is click here. It's always a great event for meeting people working in the industry i'm passionate about. Unfortunately I didn't get great pics from all the events but I did get pics from the show hosted by IADT where the fashion students showcased their designs. Below are some of the looks I enjoyed.

OFW collage

OFW collage 2

OFW collage 3

OFW collage 5

OFW collage 4

These were less than half the looks showcased. Now I know these designs deserve to be rightfully attributed to its designer but I can't remember the names. There were so many. It would have been more effective had they handed out something with the designers names or at least had the name on the back drop but they didn't so oh well. Maybe i'll kindly recommend it to them for next time. I hope you enjoy!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

First blog award =)

YAY me!! I'm so ecstatic after receiving a message from the stylish and lovely Kimbunnii letting me know
she awarded me the Liebster Blog Award! Thank you! Thank you! My blog award cherry has been popped...LOL. Apparently, the award is given to bloggers with less than 200 followers in hopes of helping them find new connections.

To keep the ball rolling i'll be nominating 5 of my awesome bloggies (wish I could nominate everyone):

Ladies please remember to:
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Thanks again Kimbunnii and ladies please be sure to check out her blog along with the others as they all offer something different to the blogesphere!!! Muah!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Casual Wednesday


Hi my lovely bloggies I wanted to make a quick outfit post before I go off to dream land. I'm not feeling well and wanted to get some sleep before my body becomes infuriated with me. =(

I wore this outfit to run errands and had to change into flats about 2 hours in (I think I did great). This was my grand debut for the shoes, pants & scarf. The shoes, although 6 inches high, aren't that uncomfortable, it's the newness of the material that caused the pain. They just need a few more wears before the material softens and these babies will be fully broken in. Regardless, I still love them and will wear them until my feet says "NO". =)

On another note, i've began to love this location for pic taking. The atmosphere is so tranquil and beautiful. It's a jogging trail located behind the apartment complex I just moved from. I can't believe I lived there all those years and never considered going out there to take pics although I used it frequently for long jogs with my son. Shame on me! =) Hope you enjoy!


Toooo much sun for the face so it frowns...=)



Went through the grass trying to be brave

Then I started running because I thought I saw a snake in the tree...haha

Top: Zara/ Pants: F21/ Jacket, bag and necklace: H&M/ Shoes & hair scarf: ASOS/ Watch: Michael Kors

Thanks so much for reading and following.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion week faves

Hey guys, happy Monday! I had a great weekend! I spent my time attending events for fashion week here in Orlando and i've also been watching Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York via live stream on you tube. So right now i'm in total fashion bliss. On Wednesday i'll be attending an event at the Millenia Mall here in Orlando where fashion students of the Art Institute will be showcasing their designs. I can't wait! I love seeing the designs of young fresh minds.

NY fashion week has blown my my mind and continues to blow my mind. I loved them all but of all the shows that i've seen so far I really enjoyed the DVF, Jill Stuart, Luca Luca, Monique Lhullier and Custo Barcelona shows. Here are some of my favorite picks from the DVF show but I do urge you to visit their site if you didn't get a chance to catch it. Or you can just click here.

Just wanted to share with you my DVF faves. (all photo credits courtesy of the DVF website)

My absolute favorite!






I'm really excited about all the spring lines mainly because designers have opted to keep the color blocking trend rolling. I'm also seeing lots of pastels, reds and yellows combined with prints which for me exudes tranquility and effortless style which I desire in clothing. Oh and did you see all the metallic shoes, prints and shimmer? WOWZ!! Turbans and neck wear are still huge! I wish I could include pics of all the styles from the different designers that I really loved but I didn't want to overwhelm my page with all the pics because I didn't get a chance to edit them into collages. The live streams are still available online for anyone interested in watching reruns. I'm just really excited and can't wait for these styles to start hitting stores even if it's just for some good ole window shopping. =) What about you guys? Did you catch any shows? What were your favorites?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ASOS order

Hi bloggies (lol I seriously need to come up with something else) i'm just writing to share my excitement with you guys over my ASOS order I just received. I only ordered a few items I've been eyeing rather than my usual splurge where I just order everything with intricate details or with color. I've been searching high and low for the perfect black platforms that will deliver comfort. I was checking out the ASOS sale and came across these which I LOVE mostly because of the heel.

They're a lot higher than they looked on the website but I can handle it..haha. They will suffice for now but of course my search for the perfect black shoe never ends no matter how many I buy.

My collar!!!! Finally!! I've waited and I love you! Can't wait to wear you!

...and 2 head scarves! These colors were lacking in my collection! (sorry for the blurry pic)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and your awesome comments. =)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day


Hi my lovely bloggies and anyone else reading this, today my hun and I made plans that included me going out to take pics but they all fell through because I got sick. =( I have been having a really rough couple of weeks due to family issues I won't get into. On top of everything else I got some really sad news from my mom today that my uncle died from cancer. I lost my dad, my grandma and now my uncle to cancer and i'm really starting to get annoyed. I usually get annoyed when stuff is out of my control but I just pray about it. Sorry if i'm being a debbie downer but what I write is a true reflection of how I feel.

Anyway, enough of that! Nothing fixes my mood or makes me happier than fashion and music (and my son and hun of course). I've been delving into magazines that i've probably read a million times and listening to lots of music ranging from U2 to Jay Z to the late king of pop Michael Jackson and I must say it's been working. This outfit reflects how these things make me feel: Fun & happy. I love oversized cardigans and this was definitely a great thrift find. The detailed gold button and material makes it look so expensive and it probably is but the tags are missing so i'm not sure who it's by. I paid only $8! =) The bustier I bought from guess a really long time ago and nothing makes me happier than a piece I can use as a go to piece time and time again. Although I think my boobs would disagree...haha. Hope you like and I just want to thank you for revisiting my lil ole blog and leaving your lovely comments. You guys are the best!

LOL I believe I can fly!


Been meaning to change the strings to a fun color to breathe new life into this.



Cardigan: Thrifted/ Denim top: Guess (really old)/ Shorts: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes & necklace: F21

Friday, September 2, 2011

Must get organized

Today (well yesterday now) started off a bit frustrating because I completely intended and desired to wear my cheetah print booties with this dress. Sometime during my move I put them in a shoe box and during my last minute hustle to get out the house today I couldn't figure out which shoe box I put them in or where I put the shoe boxes. Too many shoes, too little space. I have to get organized ASAP to prevent myself from going mad. =( Tomorrow my plan is to take pictures and stick them to the shoe boxes until I get my shoe shelf. Anyway, enough of my rants let's talk fashion. I LOVE this dress, it's so comfortable and perfect for my body type since it flares at the waist. The way the color pops against my skin tone is just an added bonus. It's very easy to accessorize and it goes with everything in my jewelry armoire. So today I choose to wear it with my turquoise H&M necklace which I must say has been my go to necklace. The shoes, however, were the closest to the door so it was a grab and go. Oh and did I mention I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new sleeveless trench from Forever 21. I usually dislike (hate is too strong of a word) shopping for clothes at F21 because the quality is usually so bad and doesn't last long. Finding this trench along with my black faux leather shorts for such a great price was a happy moment for me. The way this coat is constructed it looks as though it should last me about a year which is perfect for the price. =)

Looking at all the turtles...love nature!

BTW Sorry I forgot to turn off the date stamp on my camera.

Dress: Zara/ Jacket: F21/ Necklace: H&M/ Watch: Betsey Johnson/ Bag: H&M/ Shoes: Charles by Charles David

Thanks for reading!

Love: T'wana (aka heelsNposes)

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