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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Orlando Fashion Week (OFW)

Hey dolls I hope everything has been good with you guys. Today i'm spending a low key day at home. I just got through cooking lunch for my hun and now i'm enjoying the red carpet looks at the Emmy's. Seeing lots of red and i'm loving it. Red is such a vibrant and commanding color which looks great on almost anyone. Maybe i'll do a post on my favorite looks but back to the original reason for my post.

Last week I was able to attend a few events from OFW and I must say although it's nothing compared to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week the Mall of Millenia and all the stores involved did an impeccable job organizing these events. The first show I attended featured looks from stores such as Cache, Ann Taylor, Macys, Ed Hardy and the list goes on. I didn't get a chance to attend FNO (bummer) but I did attend all the fashion shows. They always get the best hosts for their shows which last year included Giuliani Rancic and this year celebrity stylist and co-host of E's Fashion Police, George Kotsiopoulos. If you don't know who he is click here. It's always a great event for meeting people working in the industry i'm passionate about. Unfortunately I didn't get great pics from all the events but I did get pics from the show hosted by IADT where the fashion students showcased their designs. Below are some of the looks I enjoyed.

OFW collage

OFW collage 2

OFW collage 3

OFW collage 5

OFW collage 4

These were less than half the looks showcased. Now I know these designs deserve to be rightfully attributed to its designer but I can't remember the names. There were so many. It would have been more effective had they handed out something with the designers names or at least had the name on the back drop but they didn't so oh well. Maybe i'll kindly recommend it to them for next time. I hope you enjoy!



  1. stunning!!! I superrr jelly because I have yet to attend any FNO (even though I'm from NYC) or any fashion show..... *sigh* sooner or later lol

  2. I'd have to say, the entire second row is my favorite!


  3. Great shots and good idea for the hand out for those of you (us) who take it seriously. I love the neutral + yellow in the last row!

  4. Love it! The yellow pants are amazing. IDK how I missed fashion week here, I live in Orlando too so maybe one day we can meet up. And you're welcome for the award, we newbies gotta stick together ;)


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