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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring loving & camera dreams


Hey fashion dolls how's it going?

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and is ready for the week ahead.  This weekend I went out with my hun and wore my gorgeous mint jacket from Zara.  When I saw this jacket it was lust at first sight.  I was completely smitten with it.  Isn't it just lovely?  I have a problem resisting anything in this color and I can't see myself gaining control of this problem anytime soon.  Not that I want to!  Of course my camera doesn't capture the beauty of it.





Jacket & shorts: Zara, Top, sunnies & bag: H&M, Shoes: A. Wang's

Speaking of cameras, you guys know i've been griping about my camera a lot.  Sometimes I feel like it doesn't capture my outfits the way it should (like in this post).  Then again, my hun and I aren't photographers either.  I've read lots of specs and reviews on my camera and it's really suppose to be a great camera.  Maybe a few more youtube videos and a few more reads i'll finally figure out how to get the best pics out of it.  However, it's not an SLR and I do have my heart set on an SLR.  When I have my heart set on something there's no turning back.  I will have my SLR and I will have it soon.

This is the camera I use!  It's a 14.1 mgp Canon Powershot!

For anyone else looking to purchase a camera here are some links to camera sites with great deals that i've be stalking.  For UK (check website for other places they ship to) Jessops is a super organized site with amazing prices.  This site is great for people who don't know much about cameras.  They break everything down into categories which is perfect.  For US readers Tiger Direct has some amazing specials going on right now.  

Hope you enjoy the pics!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jimmy Choo bags

Hey fashion dolls how's it going?

Close your eyes and take yourself (if you're not already there) to a place where you can buy whatever you want whenever you want.  Now open them and as you open them you're standing in the bag department of a Jimmy Choo store.  You have to leave with a bag (those are the rules).  Would you leave with any of these?  Me personally?!!.....I'll take them all.  I'm sure I can find many uses for these babies especially the Cailin, Cayla and Rosalia.  I remember when every song on the radio made mention of Jimmy Choo.  Although that has died down, this brand hasn't.  Based out of London, it is still one of the top luxurious brands on the market for the classy fashionista.  They definitely got my attention!  They're craftsmanship is amazing.  I mean just look at these bags.  They're beautiful (click on the image links at the bottom for clearer pics...this collage doesn't do justice)!  I may just have to drop a few pennies in my Jimmy Choo savings fund (I'll have to add to the Loboutin fund some other time).  I feel motivated!  What do you guys think?  Do any of these catch your eyes?
Jimmy Choo bags

£350 - cruisefashion.co.uk

£350 - cruisefashion.co.uk

£875 - cruisefashion.co.uk

Jimmy Choo clutch
$8,295 - jimmychoo.com

Jimmy Choo patent leather handbag
$1,150 - jimmychoo.com

$1,550 - jimmychoo.com

If you need a Jimmy Choo bag fast check out cruise fashion or the official Jimmy Choo bags website.

Knowing the history behind a brand is always a good thing.  Here's a link to an interesting article on how Jimmy Choo got it's name.  Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Super Low Key


Hey fashion dolls how's it going?

I've definitely missed the blogosphere.  I've been sick and figured i'll spare you guys the sight of my swollen face.  Sick usually means flats and t-shirts on a daily basis.  That was good while it lasted but now i'm over it and ready for my beloved heels.  I've had lots of time to stalk a bunch of my favorite shopping sites and will be sharing with you a bunch of stuff that caught my eye.  I can't wait!  For now accept my apologies for my absence.  You don't really get to see this side of me so here it is.  It was a bit chilly and super windy so stealing the hun's hat was absolutely necessary.  This is me when i'm being low key which usually involves my chuck's.  I have a growing collection and i'm a bit obsessed....yeah yeah I know I use that word a lot but I really am...LOL.




Basic tee: F21/ Pants & jacket: H&M/ Shoes: Converse/Bag: Poppy Jones/ Bracelets: H&M, Ebay & F21/ Hat: stole from my hun 

Hope you enjoyed the pics!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Modern School Girl


Hey fashion dolls how's it going?

I've been wearing so many pants lately I decided I wanted to girly it up a bit for a quick outing with the hun. I found this skirt at my favorite vintage store a few months back and completely forgot about it. I felt lucky when I bought this skirt so i'm not sure why I forgot about it. Shame on me! I love everything about it from the color to the organized pleats. No matter what I do the pleats won't go anywhere. It's really good for my OCD....lol. I paired it with a denim top just because it was easy plus I absolutely adore my denim top. I could take this top and pair it with absolutely anything in my closet. I love pieces like that and I highly recommend investing in one! It's a little tough wearing a pleated skirt without looking like a school girl. It's ok though, I need to channel my youth every now and then. This outfit was sort of a walk down memory lane because I wore uniforms from the time I started school right up until I graduated high school. My animal print shoes with the red heel, however, are the furthest from anything we were ever allowed to wear so it was the perfect addition to keep me in touch with my current self. So in retrospect this outfit really represents how I wish I could wear my uniform back then. Psshhh!!!!! Who am I kidding? I was such a tomboy! =) That's probably why i'm on such a fast track to conquer all my fashion desires. I missed too much! Anyone else experiencing this?





Loving my easter nails! Follow me @HeelsNposes on instagram or Facebook for a close up of colors and names.

Ooopssy!! Sorry about the bra!



Top, belt & gold dbl. cuffs: H&M/ Skirt & bracelet: thrifted/ Shoes: Guess/ Bag: TJ Maxx (on sale...DIY gold chain strap)/ Necklace: ASOS

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the pics! =)


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gotta be me


Hey fashion dolls how was your weekend?

Mine was very relaxing (as usual). I got a chance to go to the movies to see 'The Hunger Games' and 'Wrath Of The Titans'. These are two great movies I highly recommend to movie lovers out there. I didn't read the book and was not prepared for what to expect with The Hunger Games. Let's just say there were lots of tears in the cinema including my own. Now I must get the book on my Nook ASAP.

Usually when we go to the movies we watch more than one so I wanted to be extra comfortable. I've been really into these breezy tops with the long cut out on the sides since Spring arrived. It was so windy on Saturday I figured it was the perfect choice to show my appreciation for the lovely weather. Although I kept it simple with the outfit, my shoes were not so simple. It doesn't matter what you wear, any Jeffrey Campbell shoes will surely add an edge to your outfit. I'm a fan and I want (fought so hard not to type need there) more. Where are all my Jeffrey Campbell fans? I would love to see how you styled yours.

Wishing everyone a productive, short and wonderful week. =)








Top: F21/ Pants: H&M/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/ Bag: Zara/Cuffs: H&M/ Studded spiked bracelet: Ebay

Hope you enjoyed the pics!

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