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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jimmy Choo bags

Hey fashion dolls how's it going?

Close your eyes and take yourself (if you're not already there) to a place where you can buy whatever you want whenever you want.  Now open them and as you open them you're standing in the bag department of a Jimmy Choo store.  You have to leave with a bag (those are the rules).  Would you leave with any of these?  Me personally?!!.....I'll take them all.  I'm sure I can find many uses for these babies especially the Cailin, Cayla and Rosalia.  I remember when every song on the radio made mention of Jimmy Choo.  Although that has died down, this brand hasn't.  Based out of London, it is still one of the top luxurious brands on the market for the classy fashionista.  They definitely got my attention!  They're craftsmanship is amazing.  I mean just look at these bags.  They're beautiful (click on the image links at the bottom for clearer pics...this collage doesn't do justice)!  I may just have to drop a few pennies in my Jimmy Choo savings fund (I'll have to add to the Loboutin fund some other time).  I feel motivated!  What do you guys think?  Do any of these catch your eyes?
Jimmy Choo bags

£350 - cruisefashion.co.uk

£350 - cruisefashion.co.uk

£875 - cruisefashion.co.uk

Jimmy Choo clutch
$8,295 - jimmychoo.com

Jimmy Choo patent leather handbag
$1,150 - jimmychoo.com

$1,550 - jimmychoo.com

If you need a Jimmy Choo bag fast check out cruise fashion or the official Jimmy Choo bags website.

Knowing the history behind a brand is always a good thing.  Here's a link to an interesting article on how Jimmy Choo got it's name.  Enjoy!



  1. I think I'm digging the Candy in gold. FAB!

  2. I really like the red one, its gorgeous. :)

  3. My Jimmy Choo Bag was bought 2 years ago. Made by blue cloth, my bag is nice and fashionable, which only cost me 150 dollars. The bag has a large content that can bring all the books I will use in a day. Meanwhile, it's so tough that a normal knife can hardly make damage. In the following years after I bought it, I used it carefully, prevented it from any dangerous things because of the friendship between us that existed. That's my Jimmy Choo Handbag, not only a bag but a close friend being with me everyday. Link: www.jimmychoobagssales.com


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