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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boots fever

Hey dolls, how's it going?

I mentioned before in a previous blog post that i'm a bit obsessed with boots, particularly booties. I like high ones to but I have yet to see the weather that justifies me wearing them for a full day. So until then, i'll have to stick to booties. I have a nice collection but i'm always on the lookout for new styles to add to my collection. Or if nothing else, just for some eye candy. I wanted to share with you a few pairs that i've been obsessing over recently from some of my favorite sites. I'll include links to the websites for better angles and for your browsing pleasure. Please please let me know what you think.

The Wedge/Sneaker booties
ASOS - Ash Bea Colourblock wedge sneakers for $302.49 here
The sneaker boot tends to get mixed reviews but I find them to be comfortable enough and perfect for days when you want to dress down but still look cute. I use to own a few pairs but donated them to vintage stores. Of course now that I did, they've been making their way back to the fashion scenes....SMH.

ASOS - Ash Thelma Leather Buckle Wedge Sneakers $259.62 here
This is a cheaper alternative but still super cute also from ASOS.

Heels.com - Lovely People Lapis $125.99 here
The details on these are adorable. They also come in black but I wanted to show you this color so you can see the beauty of the details. I'm loving these! Should I?

The Open Toe

Topshop - Armadillo Eyelet Lace Boot $160 here
Topshop no doubt always has an amazing collection of shoes. These open toe boots are super cute and I can see myself wearing them with a variety of things. The laces are a plus.

Topshop - Abacus Open Front Lace Boot $130 here
These are also from Topshop. I'm a sucker for details so the scalloped edges at the top drew me in. Plus my closet lacks blue booties.

The Tassel

Topshop - Psychic3 Studded Ankle Boots $220 here
I don't own a pair of boots this color and I can honestly say I would wear these over and over and probably never get tired of them. These boots combine a lot of the elements i'm attracted to in shoes. They're studded, they have tassels and the strategically placed silver caps are the perfect detail to top it off.

The Black Boot

Heels.com - Seychelle's Theory $157.49 Here
The buckles and the heel drew me to these boots. They will go great with a lot of my more casual clothes.

Brantano.co.uk - Work It Heel 18GBP which is about US $28.34 Here
My closet is lacking these and I would like to get a pair. These would be the perfect errand boots or events with lots of standing and walking.

Heels.com - Zigi Girl Jamie $99.99 Here
These are super high but I really like them and they remind of the Dolce Vita ones that i've been wanting forever. The price isn't too bad either.

Let me know what you guys think of any of these. I know the prices seem a bit high but one thing i've learned about fashion is with some good hunting and stalking you can always find the same shoe or a similar pair for good prices. However, shoes and sunglasses are 2 items I don't mind spending lots of money on because in the end I always get my monies worth. Enjoy the rest of your week dolls and thanks for stopping by.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Casually Pleated


Hey dolls, how's it going?

This past weekend I wanted to get really comfortable for my movie date with my hun so I wore my pleated skirt from H&M that I bought at the end of Spring. It was only $10 I think. I paired it with this super casual top from Zara which says 'life is a sweet melody'. The perfect message for a day when all you want to be exposed to is positive energy. These boots, also from Zara, have definitely been on heavy rotation because as i've mentioned before there are so many ways to wear them. Which reminds me, Zara is having a major sale right now. Has anyone had a chance to pick anything up? I snagged a really cute pair of shoes for super cheap which i'll probably feature in my next post. I've been venturing out to my favorite stores just for a reason to enjoy the wonderful weather we've been having. I love winter in Florida! Though i'm not sure what we're experiencing can really be called winter, it's so nice and warm and very weird for this time of year. =) I do hope you like the pics and thanks so much for stopping by the blog. Feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think.







(Note* I was talking in this pic but it's the only close up I have...LOL)
Top & boots: Zara/ Skirt: H&M/ Hair scarf: ASOS/ Cardigan: F21/ Necklaces: H&M & F21/ Watch: Betsey Johnson

Didn't keep this very long but it was cute. The design on the middle finger is meant to be a shooting star.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Golden Globe Fashion Faves

Hey guys, how's it going?

Thanks to my short attention span, I'm not big on watching entire award shows unless it's something that involves lots of music then i'm glued. Despite my enthusiasm to watch, hardly will I miss the red carpet to see whose wearing what. The Golden Globes was definitely a couture filled event and my eyes were fully satisfied with all the eye candy that glided across the red carpet. However, only one made my fashion heart tingle and that was the drop dead gorgeous Charlize Theron.

I mean she delivered the entire package in this beautiful pink Christian Dior dress.

Sofia Vergera was absolutely stunning in this beautiful Vera Wang dress. I don't think there's a dress in existence that Ms. Vergera can't pull off.

My love for details drew me to Nicole Kidman's Versace dress. Love the patterned design on the front and I loved the way it complimented her hair color.

Salma Hayek in Gucci. This is another dress where the details drew me in. This dress definitely didn't need to much accessorizing and what she paired it was perfect though i'm not in love with the choice of earrings.

Kate Beckinsale in one of my favorite designers, Roberto Cavalli. Though I wasn't in love with this dress, I do like the shape and the way the busst area is designed to reveal just the perfect amount of cleavage. And she looks beautiful in it.

Sarah Michel-Gellar got a lot of flack for this Monique Lhuillier dress that her daughter picked out for her to wear but I think i'll have her back on this one and say I actually like it. I'm an art lover and this dress to me is definitely artistic. I've always seen fashion as an artistic expression and Monique Lhuillier did a good job with this. It's not always about glitz, glamour & tight fits. It's good to be different sometimes and i'll say it was different. What do you guys think? Is it really that ugly?

Now Jessica Biel on the other hand was an epic fail. Her stylist needs to be fired and if she doesn't have one she needs to hire one immediately. What were they thinking? This dress is wayyyy beyond her years. It's not that it's the ugliest dress, it just doesn't work for her. Don't even get me started on her toe hanging out of her shoes. Ughhh and I love her so much. She has an awesome figure and has so much potential.

Did you watch? What your favorite picks? I'm about to tune into fashion police to see what their picks were.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Style Safari


Hey guys, how's it going?

We've been dealing with a little cold front so i've been having to take my boots out from the deep dark corners of my closet where they lay lonely in boxes. These particular ones are perfect for a not so cold but not hot day. I bought them from Victoria Secret about a year ago when owning a pair of laced calf length boots was a huge desire. These babies definitely satisfied that desire. That's until the zipper broke while I was at work one month in to owning them. So embarassing because it was the fourth floor and it was impossible to walk in them and get them off my feet with a broken zipper. I had to take them to the shoe emergency room and taaa daaa they were back to life 3 days later.

Anywayyy, so the outfit just kind of came together after I decided to wear my massive cheetah bracelet that my oh so sweet cousin gifted me. She knows i'm obsessed with big cats. I definitely had to create a jungle theme for this bracelet so naturally I wore green and threw the trench on because for some reason every time I get dressed I want to throw the trench on. I swear it's magic but I have to talk myself out of it or I would wear it everyday. If you don't own a khaki trench you need to get one ASAP, it's the perfect addition to any outfit. I searched for a long time and couldn't believe the perfect one was right there at F21 just waiting for me. =) With a bracelet so massive you would think I would want to keep my other accessories/jewelry and outfit minimal but NO WAY not me. I wear what I love and I love what I wear. Like this also massive ring I found at Macy's on Black Friday. I'm obsessed with the colors. Feel free to let me know what you guys think!








Top & pants: Zara/ Trench: F21 (similar)/ Bag: Target/ Boots: VS


This is what i'm currently wearing on my nails. It's called Minx nails which is really easy to apply without the help of a professional. It's like a metallic nail sticker that lasts up to 2 weeks first seen on Lady Gaga but now many celebrities. I really like it and have gotten many compliments on it. Unfortunately it's REALLY hard to find. I've been looking for this since early last year and just found it in December. The only store that carries it is Sephora but they are sold out in silver and don't know when or if they'll ever restock. =( Only other option is to get it done by an authorized Minx technician (it seems) which you can find on their website here. Thanks so much for reading guys I know this is a lengthy post. That's what happens when I take too long to post. As always, I hope you enjoy the pics.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nails Nails Nails

Currently wearing!...Seen this design all over the net & had to try it. It came out great!

Hey bloggies,

Sooo we're almost a week in to the new year and i'm finally transitioning. I was still stuck on 2011 mode. One thing I definitely conquered in 2011 was keeping my nails done at all most times. Before, I would wear polish occasionally but I just couldn't be bothered. In my quest, I did slip up a couple of times but i'm now proud to say that's all past now. Thanks to all the beautiful nail polishes in existence and the multitude of nail art ideas there are to try. I also decided it was time to get serious with my nails to prevent me from biting them. When i'm a nervous wreck or i'm thinking too much (which is all the time...i'm a gemini) I tend to bite my nails. Nooo bueno! Plus for some strange reason (I haven't researched it yet) I feel like my nails are stronger when they're polished.

I think i'm right on time because browsing through magazines i've noticed that nail art is the new must have/do fashion accessory. Or am I only now noticing it because i've started (thinking*)? I don't wear designs all the time but I do try to stick one in every week or so because it can be very time consuming depending on the design. I get really anxious to change it. I'm getting better at it but I can still use a lot more practice. I wanted to share with you a few of the designs/polishes i've been wearing that i've failed to give close ups of in my outfit posts (the one above is what i'm currently wearing as I type this). They're all hand painted! Hope you like!

I really like hearts! I mean...I did tattoo one on my body. =) Got this idea from the net. I'm calling it "F you with love"

Gold base with black & white pyramids.

My oh so sweet baked alaska design. If only my nails weren't so yucky at the time.

Art deco....maybe?? The base color for this was gold.

Black base with glitter polish overlay. Ummm...we can call this midnight sky.

Bad quality pic....sorry!...cheetah print ring finger

Ombre nails! This one sucked really bad. It was a huge fail but it worked for me. =)

Paper chasing by China glaze.....love the name!

Thanks so much for reading and as always, I hope you enjoy the pics! If you're interested I do post nail pics as I do them on my instagram @heelsnposes. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with that app. Is anyone else on there? Let me know your name and we can maybe follow each other. I'll be posting some of my errands looks and one of the holiday dresses I styled in my next post.


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