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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nails Nails Nails

Currently wearing!...Seen this design all over the net & had to try it. It came out great!

Hey bloggies,

Sooo we're almost a week in to the new year and i'm finally transitioning. I was still stuck on 2011 mode. One thing I definitely conquered in 2011 was keeping my nails done at all most times. Before, I would wear polish occasionally but I just couldn't be bothered. In my quest, I did slip up a couple of times but i'm now proud to say that's all past now. Thanks to all the beautiful nail polishes in existence and the multitude of nail art ideas there are to try. I also decided it was time to get serious with my nails to prevent me from biting them. When i'm a nervous wreck or i'm thinking too much (which is all the time...i'm a gemini) I tend to bite my nails. Nooo bueno! Plus for some strange reason (I haven't researched it yet) I feel like my nails are stronger when they're polished.

I think i'm right on time because browsing through magazines i've noticed that nail art is the new must have/do fashion accessory. Or am I only now noticing it because i've started (thinking*)? I don't wear designs all the time but I do try to stick one in every week or so because it can be very time consuming depending on the design. I get really anxious to change it. I'm getting better at it but I can still use a lot more practice. I wanted to share with you a few of the designs/polishes i've been wearing that i've failed to give close ups of in my outfit posts (the one above is what i'm currently wearing as I type this). They're all hand painted! Hope you like!

I really like hearts! I mean...I did tattoo one on my body. =) Got this idea from the net. I'm calling it "F you with love"

Gold base with black & white pyramids.

My oh so sweet baked alaska design. If only my nails weren't so yucky at the time.

Art deco....maybe?? The base color for this was gold.

Black base with glitter polish overlay. Ummm...we can call this midnight sky.

Bad quality pic....sorry!...cheetah print ring finger

Ombre nails! This one sucked really bad. It was a huge fail but it worked for me. =)

Paper chasing by China glaze.....love the name!

Thanks so much for reading and as always, I hope you enjoy the pics! If you're interested I do post nail pics as I do them on my instagram @heelsnposes. I'm slowly becoming obsessed with that app. Is anyone else on there? Let me know your name and we can maybe follow each other. I'll be posting some of my errands looks and one of the holiday dresses I styled in my next post.



  1. Wow! Loving these nails! So impressive!

  2. o0o0 you fancy! Ha! Either I don't have the patience nor talent to do this, but I've always wanted my nails done like the different designs here. I'm great at polka dots :-/ lol.
    Anywho love em, I love instagram as well..Going to follow you now. Mine is @NikkiNicole_

  3. OBSESSED with nail art....loving the very first set! HAUTE!!!

  4. Love all the desings of the nails!! specially I like the first! :)

  5. I love all the nail designs, I need to make time to do mine - I am such a procrastinator!

    new follower :)

  6. Omg I love nail art, I've been slacking so bad! Have you tried the newspaper one?

  7. stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv!!
    def enjoyed reading this post!! the first pic is def my fav


  8. Hey Girly, I'm here again :)
    I tagged you in a post http://www.glamnolabelz.com/2012/01/tag-random-blogger-tag.html

  9. whoaa! fancy nails! i love'em:)



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