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Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day


Hi my lovely bloggies and anyone else reading this, today my hun and I made plans that included me going out to take pics but they all fell through because I got sick. =( I have been having a really rough couple of weeks due to family issues I won't get into. On top of everything else I got some really sad news from my mom today that my uncle died from cancer. I lost my dad, my grandma and now my uncle to cancer and i'm really starting to get annoyed. I usually get annoyed when stuff is out of my control but I just pray about it. Sorry if i'm being a debbie downer but what I write is a true reflection of how I feel.

Anyway, enough of that! Nothing fixes my mood or makes me happier than fashion and music (and my son and hun of course). I've been delving into magazines that i've probably read a million times and listening to lots of music ranging from U2 to Jay Z to the late king of pop Michael Jackson and I must say it's been working. This outfit reflects how these things make me feel: Fun & happy. I love oversized cardigans and this was definitely a great thrift find. The detailed gold button and material makes it look so expensive and it probably is but the tags are missing so i'm not sure who it's by. I paid only $8! =) The bustier I bought from guess a really long time ago and nothing makes me happier than a piece I can use as a go to piece time and time again. Although I think my boobs would disagree...haha. Hope you like and I just want to thank you for revisiting my lil ole blog and leaving your lovely comments. You guys are the best!

LOL I believe I can fly!


Been meaning to change the strings to a fun color to breathe new life into this.



Cardigan: Thrifted/ Denim top: Guess (really old)/ Shorts: Urban Outfitters/ Shoes & necklace: F21


  1. CUTE shorts!!!!!!! I love how you added the stripes to the outfit!

    xoxo Denise


  2. The outfit is lovely! What a great find, the cardigan rocks! I'm so sorry for your loss, I've been having some family issues as well so I can understand how you feel. But you look fabulous & Michael Jackson always puts anyone in a better mood! xoxox


  3. niiiice!



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