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Monday, December 12, 2011

Behind every cloud there's a silver lining


Hey dolls, how's it going? Hope your week started off on a positive note.

This weekend my cousin and I decided to grab a bite to eat and do some window shopping at Ulta. Saw a lot of beautiful nail polishes that I would love to own but I didn't buy any because I forgot my coupons at home. They send me so many coupons i'll feel silly buying the items at regular price. Plus, I seriously need to start writing down what colors I already own because I always end up with duplicates. My eyes must be attracted to specific colors. Not good! I have to work on that!

About the outfit: This is a top I got from a vintage store a few months ago. It's beautifully constructed but very delicate. I'm one for spiked jewelry so I must be careful with this top. This was my first time wearing it because like usual, I forget I had it. To play up the top (not that it needed playing up) I changed out the laces on my bootie pops to match the silver lining in the top. They actually appear white or light grey in the pics but they're exactly the same glitter effect as the silver lining in the top. Threw in my mirrored clutch which I scored from H&M on Black Friday (probably still in stock). I am OBSESSED with this clutch....i've been searching forever for the perfect one and finally found it. Paired these with a white pants to stick with my sky theme I had going. =) Finding inspiration in the natural things around me is so much fun. I enjoy it! Remember my ocean inspired post? Anyone else doing this?

Thought of the day: You definitely have a right to your own opinions of someone but you DO NOT have a right to your own facts. If people understood this i'm sure the rumor mill would be empty.








Weird weather day!

Lightning! HAHA Just kidding....My photog caught me falling while trying to be creative with my pose.

Top: Thrifted/ Pants: Zara/ Envelope clutch: H&M/ Booties: ASOS/ Accessories: F21/ Sunnies: Ray Ban

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  1. That top is adorable and u can never go wrong with white pants!


  2. Thank you! I agree about the white pants. I find myself wearing white a lot these days =)


  3. Cute look! The top and the clutch are to die for!!!

    7eventh Letter

  4. I absolutely adore that sweater top! It's right up my style alley. Vintage is the way to go ;) And I like the way you styled it. It makes me miss my white jeans that I outgrew lol.

    You have a lovely blog! I'm now following.

    Xo Azu


  5. This blue looks so pretty on you! I just love vintage items. That clutch is too cute.

    I am also loving your thought of the day. It needs to be posted at every nail/hair salon, work, school, maybe even church lol. TRUTH!

  6. love this look. and that you found inspiration by simply appreciating the world. Gotta love that


  7. Such a fabulous outfit! I am obsessed with the silver clutch -- definitely have to go to H&M and grab one for myself! I love your style. So unique! xx


  8. That envelope clutch is HAUTE!!! I can see why you would be obsessed with it. I love it and its not even mine, lol. Cute sweater...lovely style!

  9. Gimme that shirt! It's so retro. What a great thrift find!

  10. OBSESSING over your sweater. Lovely clutch!

  11. @Miss Dre I agree 100 percent. Thanks everyone for your comments. Vintage is definitely the way to go when you want a unique look.


  12. I like the design of the shirt


Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it!

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