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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink pumps


Hi guys, how's it going?

Getting dresses for the upcoming holiday parties is proving to be such a task. I'm helping some friends find dresses for their upcoming holiday company parties and other events. They want to go all out for these red carpet themed events but with little time left, they may have to settle for the less glitzy dresses. Finding beautiful special occasion dresses, like those by Jovani, is pretty easy but actually getting them is the hard part. It appears receiving a dress on time would require you to order at least one month in advance. Unless, of course, you find a good company whose actually willing to exhaust all options to get the dress to you on time. I think i've finally found that company (though I won't say their name until i've actually received the product) after many (and I mean many) failed attempts. If these dresses arrive on time as promised I will be the happiest lady in the world. Doesn't matter if they're not for me. I'm fully invested! Those of you with good luck I really need you to please send some my way. (fingers crossed)

About the outfit: I actually wore this a few days ago before our little cold front that we're experiencing now. Boooo!!! Anyway, I've had this top for a while which I scored in the Zara end of Spring sale for less than $20. It's a great multi-tasker! It's actually long sleeved and can be worn for work or for less dressy occasions which is how I wore it. Paired it with my FAVE high waisted shorts (which you've seen before here) and my pink Zara pumps which I scored in the end of spring sale of last year. KUDOS to Zara for the awesome end of spring sales. Would have been great paired with long jeans or a long leather pants also. The necklace however was my favorite item worn that day. Picked this up in Macy's a few weeks ago and I love love love it. I think F21 sold something similar but i'm not sure. If this cooler weather stays, I think this is the last i'll be wearing shorts (without tights).







Hope you enjoy the pics!



  1. Loving that blouse and the necklace is FAB!!!!

  2. Amazing outfit!
    Follow you now! It would be great if you follow back!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  3. nice!! I really like your shirt!

  4. The shirt is very Pretty, love the little draping. and that necklace is gorgeous.


    PS: Beautiful silk scarf giveaway on my blog, please pass by to enter!

  5. wow! You look amazing, love your pink pumps! :)

  6. you look beautiful dear! I'm so jealous on you wearing shorts! - Wish Denmark was warm too.

    Love and-mary.blogspot.com

  7. luv da shirt* it's really cute! as always... u look fab:]


  8. T'wanna I love your pumps! And that necklace is too fab! I see why it's your favorite piece in the outfit. It is definitely an attention grabber.

    You look fab as usual!

  9. Wow! What a hot look! These shorts look fantastic on you and I really like the pop of color from the red pumps :)


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