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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey day! =)


Happy late Thanksgiving to those of you that celebrate. Growing up British, Thanksgiving is not one of the holidays we observe. I, however, CANNOT live without turkey (exaggerated a bit but you get my point) so I went to my cousins house to enjoy the wonderful feast her mom, whose visiting from the islands, and her prepared. It was amazing! I ate and ate but sadly after waking up the next day I wanted to eat some more but couldn't because I hadn't taken any home with me. We left the party early to stake out the Black Friday deals which started early this year. I still can't believe the malls and outlets were open at 12. I felt so sorry for the mall workers but I guess the hustle in them had them on their feet and ready to go. I didn't have any plans to shop but I did score some cute Steve Madden heels from Macy's which i'm wearing around the house right now as I type (I know I can't be the only one who does this). =) Anyway, I have got to share with you guys the madness I experienced.

For the first time ever, I went to Walmart when the sales started at 10pm. Let's just say, I've learned my lesson. NEVER EVER EVER EVER in my life will I again go to Walmart during Black Friday sales. I've never experienced anything like that before. It literally felt like I was in the middle of a huge riot. There were so many fights, people yelling and screaming and pulling items from each other's hands. The poor workers were so fearful. There was this one little guy who was almost to tears when he finally opened the game case and customers started to rush him. Hugely because there were like 7 games each and over 300 people fighting for them. Good thing I talked him up earlier in the evening and I was able to get my games first. If I had to fight for it, I would soooo lose. I'm a lover not a fighter. =) But really? Can a sale be that good that people will fight over it? I didn't look at the ad prior to going there so i'm not sure how good the sales were. The person I was with wanted to pick up some games so I tagged along thinking it wouldn't be half bad if we got there early and stood by the game section. Oh boy was I wrong.

WOW! I'm still in shock. The ladies who stormed the Macy's shoe department for the $20 boots were 100 percent more civil than the customers at Walmart. They were still bad but a lot more civil. Despite all the madness, it really is a fun experience (minus Walmart) driving around to the different places and observing the Black Friday shopping while doing a little as well. I live in a commercial area which is surrounded by 3 malls including an outlet plus lots of shopping centers. I saw it all! Best Buy by far was the most ridiculous. Their line literally wrapped around the building and I think it was because of the 42 inch TV for $199. I couldn't believe there was such a long line outside Old Navy. It made me a lot curious as to what deals each store was offering. Next time i'll be a lot more prepared.

Next, I decided to stop by Target because I have my eye on a cake pop maker and I wanted to see what deals they had. During that stop I was able to witness the #OCCUPYORLANDO group storm the Target chanting something about "we are the 99 percent," I couldn't really hear them. Being a vivid news reader, I was really curious to hear what they had to say but I was too far away to make it out. If you don't know what the whole OCCUPY hash tag stands for, you really have not been paying attention to what's happening in the world around you. As a journalist I have to tell you, that's bad bad.

Anyway, overall, it was fun. Next time I will take my flip cam and film the entire thing because you definitely see a lot of funny characters...LOL. I especially loved the little Grannies dressed in their jogging suits walking 2mph down the aisles while their daughters and grand kids pulled on them to move faster. I guess traditions are hard to break. Did you guys go out for some Black Friday shopping?

This is what I wore to the Thanksgiving dinner. I don't know what it was but I was really in the mood to wear these sequin shorts that have been sitting in my closet for some time now. My cousin and her mom told me I looked like the peanut man in my hat. I googled him and I sure did look like the peanut man with his black, white and yellow. Here I was thinking I was paying homage to the pilgrims....HAHA.

Sorry for the quality, I forgot to change the camera settings.


No, the car wasn't touching the garage door! LOL

Top, cardigan, knee highs & shorts: F21/ Hat: H&M

Was stuffed at this point! Even ate away all my lipstick. LOL

Necklace & Cuff: F21

Some of the food and the hands that prepared it. =) Yum!!!

Hope you enjoy the pics!



  1. those sequin shorts.. *love struck* you look beautiful :)

  2. you are so pretty!!
    follow you!!
    hug from BARCELONA

    follow each other?

  3. Ahhh! I must be doing something right if I was tempted to pick up the exact same cardigan you are sporting from f21:) I thought the yellow would be too much for me but it looks great on you! Love the knee highs :)

    lol YES out of all places Wal Mart is not the place to be on Black Fridays. I remember when someone died (a few years ago) from being ran over by customers coming in the store :(
    My store "Juicy" opened at 8pm Thanksgiving day, luckily I didn't have to come in until 4am Friday lol...

    Ps. No one got upset that you were standing in front of the TV while the game was on? Lmbo jk jk.

  4. LOL at the Peanut Man reference! You look fab nonetheless. The food looks yummy!!!!

    I actually went to Walmart for the Black Friday sales and I had a very uneventful night. It was organized and the only complaint I had was the long lines. I'm so sorry to hear your experience was rough.

  5. great outif! love the shorts
    xx cris

  6. love the yellow jacket, and of course the car ;)
    fantastic blog you have, i'm following you now.
    hope you'll have a look at my blog too and if you like it, you can follow me too, i'll be waiting for you!
    lovely greets and a wonderful wednesday!
    maren anita


  7. Nice,nice,nice!!!I really like it!!!<3


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