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Monday, November 14, 2011

RIP my beautiful tights


Hey bloggies (old and new), What's up?

This weekend I headed out with my hun to watch the movies Immortal (2 thumbs up) and Tower Heist (1 thumb up just because of the unlikeliness of the plots). It was a bit chilly out so I figured it was the perfect opportunity to wear my new sweater from Zara. I've been a bit obsessed with striped tops (mostly black and white) so the purchase of this sweater was a no brainer. Plus it only cost about $20 =). I didn't want a polished look so I pulled on a pair of my old beach shorts (also from Zara). I'm so sad to say after I took these pics my tights were ruined. =( Somehow the velcro from my camera bag got stuck to them (Ooopss!) and when I pulled it off it took a chunk of the tights with it...HAHA!!! I kid now but when it happened I was furious. I think I may have abused the camera bag. *Must work on anger issues!* Only a Chipotle burrito could make it all better. =) Yumm!!! That and the fact that I jumped on the net as I got home to hunt for a new pair. I just can't live without my scalloped tights. Topshop no longer had them in stock so I found a similar pair on a different website....I think ASOS. I ordered 2 (just in case). Sorry for the bad quality pics. It turns dark earlier now so it was hard getting pics before sun down.



Broke 2 nails while traveling so I need to shave down the others for some coordination. But enough about that, my baked alaska design on the ring fingers are sooo cute but the camera didn't capture it! =( Wearing OPI calendar girl mixed with red.

I was actually wearing a black jacket which I stupidly took off before taking these.

Top: Zara/ Shorts: Zara/ Bag: Target/ Shoes: Aldo (old)/ Tights: Topshop

Tights and knee high socks gets me through the fall season. What about you guys? What's your go to item for the not freezing but not warm nights?



  1. OH man...so sorry to hear that these beautiful tights got ruined! I usually buy cheap hoisery nothing fancy, but anything you love once it is ruined is a stab to the heart!

  2. Such a cute look! I'm sorry about the tights but I'm sure the new ones will be much better.

    And don't mind too much about the abuse towards inanimate objects I think we've all been guilty of that at some point. HAHAHAHA


  3. I love your tights! So stylish!

  4. My condolences..lol. Those tights were hot though. I love this look. You have the legs for it!


  5. You are wonderful! I like your sweater, necklace, shorts, socks, boots... everything!!!<3

  6. Cute outfit, I see why you had such affection for those tights...they were hot! I purchased a pair of over the knee socks last year, and they turned out to be knee hi socks on me, lol #tallgirlproblems!

  7. GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD! loving your blog and ur sexiness is inspiring me!

    u betta head ova and follow me!!



  8. Awww....moment of silence for those gorgeous tights *quiet*. Okay, so glad you were able to locate a similar pair. I live in FL too so my transition outfit is similar to yours...with an occasional blazer thrown in here and there ;-)

  9. I too love tights and shorts!

    xoxo Denise


  10. @Sheyla LOL so true Sheyla but I have to nip it in the bud before it transcends. People may be next..HAHA. I kid!

  11. @Kandi-STYLE LMAO Kandi that comment made my day. You remind me so much of my sisters and cousins. They too suffer #tallgirlproblems.

  12. I adore this look. I am a sucker for tights too, sorry they got ruined but cheers to ASOS for saving the day for ya :)

  13. That's the problem with tights they rip so quickly! Love them though you have the legs to pull them off. Btw that Burrito sounds absolutely delicious, there are no good mexicans in this city :( thank you for all your lovely comments xxx

  14. tights are soooo cute! too bad they got ruined! hope u find something similar!


  15. Aww sucks...those tights are hawt! I wouldn't mind a pair. Very unique!

  16. Lovely outfit,love the way you combined it :)

    thanks for your beautiful comment!

  17. Aaamazing tighst! They are so chic! And love the combination with the shorts!
    Love and-mary.blogspot.com


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