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Monday, May 14, 2012


Hi fashion dolls, how's it going?

Ok so I know the title may be a bit deceiving but this is exactly what this post is about.  Most of you may already be aware of these tips but for those that aren't, you're welcome (got that from Kobe Bryant..lol).  

I've mentioned before my preferred method of shopping is online.  There's a reason for that and it's not because i'm a lazy bum who likes sitting on the couch surfing the net (as appealing as it sounds).  No!  It's because of the great deals and coupons that are available online.  Some of which aren't printable for store use.  Sites are always trying to drive more and more traffic to their sites so I don't think there will ever be a shortage of coupons.  All it takes is a little bit of patience.  I almost never make an online purchase unless i'm able to find a coupon.  One of my favorite sites for this is Coupon Chief.  Let's face it, we all love to shop (at least the people interested in a blog like this) and we're going to do it anyway.  Why not try to save some money in the process?  I promise you there's no better way to beat your shopping conscience than using a coupon whether you can afford it or not.  You'll feel like you've satisfied your bank account while satisfying yourself.  Sounds like a win win to me!  Both are necessary especially in times like these.  Or you can just stop shopping!  =)  That solution won't last long in my world.  I know, i've tried!...HAHA.  

Ok enough of all the ranting, take this advice and run with it.  Don't you ever click the complete purchase button unless you've searched for a coupon first.  From fashion to beauty to groceries to travel...there's coupons for EVERYTHING (sorry for the yelling).  There are many good sites for this that you can find in a google search but as I mentioned before, Coupon Chief is the best i've seen.  It's a super easy site to navigate with hundreds and thousands of coupons available for any store or site you can think of.  I'm traveling soon and I just saw some travel coupons (airline, hotel, car rental) that i'll definitely be looking into.  

Recently purchased items from Forever 21.  I couldn't have gone animal print crazy without the help of a 20% off coupon along with free shipping.  Have I told you guys how obsessed I am with Tigers and Cheetahs?  Mostly Tigers!

Loving the printed pants rage!  Can't wait to wear my dalmatian print jeans! 

I'll be back with an outfit post really soon.  I still have to post what I wore to the Clinton Kelly event.  Thanks for reading guys and let me know your thoughts on couponing.  Or if you've tried it! 



  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check it out.

  2. I'm not really into online shopping as I am always a bit scared it won't fit or look as good as on the pictures. So I am not used to couponing.
    But you bought some really nice things, specially the trousers.
    Can't wait to see your outfit post with them ;)
    Have a fabulous day!


  3. Thanks for the site, I'm always looking for reliable coupons!!


Thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it!

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