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Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary fashion

Soooo with halloween being tonight and all I thought it would be a great idea to recreate an email I received from refinery 29 a few days ago. The email was about fashion they find scary. So i'll be sharing with you the top 5 fashions I find terrifying to say the least. =o In deciding these, I took into consideration my body type, culture, where I live and a few other things that aren't important to mention. I won't ever say never when it comes to fashion but I will say I don't see myself wearing these any time soon. At least not if I have to buy it with my own money. =) So here they are:

1) Extreme bell bottoms! THE most terrifying of them all (which would be equivalent to me sitting in a dark room alone watching paranormal activity.....Hellllzzzzz NO).


2) Denim overalls (despite how cute she looks, i'm too girly for this trend and my body would definitely disappear in something like that. Not a good thing! I can't lie though, i'm an 80's baby and back in the day we use to wear the mess out of these...lol)


3) Platform sneakers - I'll only wear these if someone gifted them to me. I can't see myself going into a store and leaving with these. However, Prada does make some other styles (like the wedge) with this same concept that I would consider. Lot's of celebrities wearing these now.


4) Long fur coats - this one not so much because it looks bad but because i've never lived anywhere in my entire life that was cold enough for something like this. Just looking at it makes me feel hot...i'll pass. But I must say it'll make a good blanket....fake fur of course.


5) 90% of Lady Gaga's fashion - this is another one where it's not so much because it looks bad but because i'm not making the money she makes or have a character who I need to portray at all times. I have no reason to dress like this. She is bad ass though and I do love her. Who knows, i'll probably pull together my best Gaga impersonation for a future post but do know I will be terrified in the process.

(all images obtained via a google search)

What about you guys? What's one fashion trend that scares you?


Friday, October 28, 2011

Leather me up


Hey bloggies, how's it going? Here I am channeling my inner rock chick with my high waisted leather shorts. Took me forever to wear these shorts so I forgot I had them. It was a great surprise finding them in my overstuffed closet. I originally planned just to wear the denim top with the shorts but of course I had to throw on my favorite blazer already seen here for a pop of color. What do you guys think? Does it get more rocker chick than leather pants?






Jacket& belt: Zara (old)/ Denim top: H&M (old)/ Pants: F21/ Shoes: Zigi Soho via DSW/ Bag: Aldo/ Scarf: Target

For those of you that celebrate halloween, have fun and please be safe. Hope you like the pics!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Andrew Charles Collection Event

Hey guys, so i'm back (LOL..typed this last night) from the release of the Andrew Charles by Andrew Hilfiger Collection at Macys and I have one word to explain it. ROCKTASTIC! Ok so it's not a real word but you get what I mean.

I heard about this event through a PR firm called Everywhere. They contacted me via my blog asking if I was interested in attending and giving feedback in exchange for a Macy's gift card (I have to let you know this to be in compliance with FTC rules). Of course I said yes because 1) It's fashion 2) Networking opportunities and 3) Free shopping money =). I have to say I did go into this expecting not to be WOW'd by the clothes or the event but I was...I so was. I had such a good time. These people (you'll read about everyone below) are the real deal. I mean who else releases a line at Macy's with a full on rock concert? No one!

The designer

Andrew Hilfiger is so down to earth and so passionate about what he does it's amazing and very contagious. He's super energetic and super involved. He walked through the collection showing and explaining pieces. The line as mentioned in my previous blog was inspired by the legendary rock singer, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. When I read that I was so sure the line wouldn't appeal to me because Steven Tyler's style if you don't know, is very ecclectic and unique. Bell bottom jeweled pants, fitted animal print tops, cowboy boots, scarves, prints on top of prints on top of prints...all in one outfit...you get my point. I thought, how can someone successfully create a line inspired by Steven Tyler for the non rockstar? I got my answer tonight. Here are some of the pieces from the collection that were my absolute favorite that I would wear.


Andrew charles 1
My favorite top, rockstar shirt, leather pants, biker pants

Andrew Charles 2
Scarves, leather jacket, jeweled stripe top, sheer pants for comfort

Andrew Charles 3
Awesome sheer tops I can wear off the shoulder with leather pants.

The quality is really great also. For more of the line you can visit the Macy's website.

Andrew Hilfiger & I (more about him here)

The entertainment

Travelling with him is the garage pop band The Click Clack Boom (more about them here) which is under AHE (Andrew Hilfiger Entertainment). Also performing alongside the band was the designer himself. This man was born to rock and it's amazing seeing how he combines the two elements I love the most in this world; fashion and music. There was also a guest performance by up and coming pop singer Angelica Salem (more about her and to hear her music click here). All in all the performances were great. I enjoy great live vocal performances and none of the acts disappointed. Angelica really has some catchy songs and there's one in particular called Knock off ft. Lil Kim that I really like. Check it out!



They're so much fun!

I think this is when he was getting ready to run through the crowd.



The entire crew!

This event reinforced one thing I already knew about fashion and that's to never be close minded. The clothes were really awesome. If I wasn't on a shopping hiatus I would really consider buying a few of the pieces I posted above. I probably will eventually. I'm sure you guys will see the line when you visit Macy's. Let me know what you think! Would you wear any of the pieces?

The extras
Met some really cool people who I exchanged info with one of whom was Suzelaine, beauty & fashion editor at Lumiere Magazine. Their magazine launches in summer of 2012 but for now they do have an active website here. I thought she looked really cute so I asked if I could take a pic. =)


Hope you enjoyed the post! Sorry for the length but I just felt I had to get it all (and this wasn't even half of it) in there. More on facebook! I filmed video of the performances but blogger is being really mean, i'll probably add those at a later date. In the meantime, check out your mall calendars because they're touring and this isn't something you want to miss if you love fashion. Plus there's lots of cool giveaways that you get to take home. =) Let me know what you guys think of everything. Ok?!! Take care dolls and have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Proper outfit post to follow. =)


Meet designer Andy Hilfiger and the band The Click Clack Boom at Macy's Millenia


Hey dolls, how's it going?

I'm about to channel my inner rocker chick to attend the launch of the Andrew Charles collection at the Macys Millenia Mall starting at 6 pm. Here's the info! If you live in the area, come on out. The Andrew Charles collection is the birth child of Andrew Hilfiger, the little brother of Tommy Hilfiger. His collection though is nothing like Tommy's, it's very rock 'n' roll and inspired by Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. There's suppose to be live music also. This will definitely be different for me but it should be fun. I'll share some pics and let you guys know what I think once I get back.

On a different note, I also wanted to share the outfit I wore yesterday. It's still pretty warm so I wore this outfit to go run errands. I opted to wear one of my 'breezy' tops (you know a top with hardly any coverage). It was great! I paired it with my little polka dot shorts from H&M, threw on a comfortable pair of shoes and was out the door. Which is what I need to be doing soon so gotta run. Take care dolls!

My hair is a hot mess, dying for a relaxer. Soon!




You've seen these in tan before here!

Top: Lulus.com/ Pants: H&M/ Bag: Arden B/ Necklace: DIY/ Shoes: Jessica Simpson/ Scarf: ASOS

Hope you like the pics!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Times 3

Hey dolls, how've you been? I've been keeping myself so busy for the last couple days I haven't given myself anytime to post. That and I haven't been wearing anything spectacular, just mostly grab and go clothes for errands. I thought i'd still share these with you anyway. They get to share a post! =)

A little off the fashion topic I wanted to remind everyone how important it is that we cherish each and every person that we care about in this world. Also cherish each and every moment that you have with these people. All the silly fighting and grudges will never be worth it in the end. I know we all know this but we tend to forget how important it is until something serious happens to someone we know or someone we care about. Let's never wait until it's too late! Here are the outfits!

Outfit 1

Outfut 1 pink
Top: F21/Jeans & scarf (my son's): H&M/Shoes: Zara/ Backpack: Prada

Outfit 2

Outfit 2 stripes
Top: H&M/ Pants: Zara/ Vest: Guess/ Shoes: ASOS/ Jewelry: DIY, Rachel Roy (RR), Real, F21/ Nails: OPI (name: Do you lilac it?)

Outfit 3

Outfit 3 blue
Top, cardigan & pants: Zara/ Shoes: Polo/ Purse: TJ Maxx/ Jewelry: RR

Posted these in the order I wore them. Hope you like!


Saturday, October 15, 2011


Ok so I know I already made a post today but I couldn't help but share. (skip the middle if you have a short attention span..lol)

I can honestly say when I first started this blog, with it being a personal style blog, I expected to sit here and make post after post with no one but my hun and myself following. I really didn't expect anything of it and to be honest, with the way I feel about fashion, I could sit here and make post after post with no one following and still be content. There's just something about having my own lil piece of the net that I enjoy. I'm just weird like that! So you can imagine how crazy ecstatic I am that you guys are actually following and viewing my posts. It won't seem like a lot but forty something followers is a BIG deal to me. I know a lot of people add blogs in hopes of gaining followers and they never stop back or comment and i'm TRULY ok with that. As long as you're talking about fashion or anything beauty related i'm more than happy to follow back. But when people actually stop to say they enjoyed something, that's amazing. I'm not saying i'll love all blogs, that's impossible, but that won't stop me from viewing what you have to offer. You never know! It's fun seeing and hearing others perspective on fashion because there's so much you can do with it and I can definitely use some tips in the beauty department (i'm no makeup guru). There are sooo many great blogs to keep up with and comment on in addition to our personal lives...it's madness. But I know how important freedom of choice is and i'm happy that you guys choose me. Cheers to that!

Anyway, i'm ranting again and this post is nothing short of pathetic and soppy but my whole point on making it was to share with you something I just came across that made my heart smile while doing my usual blog rounds. Here it is! Imagine how I felt when I visited Glam No Labelz and saw (unexpectedly) that she made an entire post about how much she liked my style/blog. WOW!! Thank you so much girl you have no idea how grateful I am for that. I appreciate ya! Be sure to check her out y'all.




In my world there's absolutely nothing wrong with throwing on a trench coat with a pair of jean shorts. I'm a shorts wearing kinda gal as you can tell. I was comfortable, warm when indoor and cool when outdoor. Perfect! The icing on the cake were my ankle boots from Aldo which make me smile every time I open the box and see them. The mint! Oh how I LOVE that color. What about you guys? Would you wear a trench with shorts?

BTW...peep the cool abstract art (last pic) at the entrance of my old complex. Just found it on my computer and thought I would share. It's so beautiful.




Trench & ring: F21/ white top: Zara/ shorts: H&M/ boots: Aldo/ Accessories: combination between real and H&M


Hope you enjoy the pics!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Rolling in my short shorts with the bootie pops


In this outfit I am completely in my element. Booties + loose fitting no fuss clothing = T'wana. I don't know if i've mentioned before but ankle boots are one of my favorite things to shop for, if not my favorite. I've always lived in warmer climates so they're perfect for me. They're not to high not to low and I can pair them with everything from dresses to shorts. These particular ones are great because 1) they're laced and 2) the heels. They originally came with regular grey laces but I went to a local store and bought every color lace imaginable so I can wear them as often as my heart desires. I know it'll be often since I've been wearing them around the house everyday since I got them a few months ago. =) I'm calling them my 'bootie pops' and i've been looking for the perfect pair of bootie pops for a long time now. LOL..let me explain; bootie pops is the name i've given to easy-to-match laced ankle boots where the laces can be changed to add pops of color to any outfit since color is so necessary in my life. Not a new concept i'm sure but don't mind me, I give names to everything. I wore this with my hun to see the movies "Real Steel" and "The thing" this weekend. Two movies I recommend btw. The H&M faux leather shorts and top were soooo comfortable. Hope you enjoy the pics!










Thursday, October 13, 2011

Color me purple


Hey sexy mamas happy happy Thursday. It's been such a beautiful day today i've been so inspired to actually start working on a bunch of DIY projects i've been putting off. One of them includes re-working a beautiful lavender dress I found at the vintage/thrift store. It needs to be reworked to suit my personality. I can't wait to show you. Ohhh but speaking of thrift, this floral top i'm wearing was one of my recent finds. Typically it isn't something I would buy and that's exactly why I bought it. I saw potential and the purple was just yelling at me..."TAKE MEEEE." Plus the original tags were still attached (never worn) and I only paid around $5 so that was a good sign. I love how what appealed on the hanger as just an oversize floral t-shirt, transformed into a more stylish top by just adding a grey sash belt outlined in black sequin and satin front tie to cinch the waist. This will also be great paired with long black skinnies or tights with boots but it's still so hot so I opted for shorts. The darling shoe heels coordinates with the belt for the extra touch of detail I always enjoy. You've seen these babies before and will continue to see them until they die a slow but painful death which (after i'm through with them) they will. =) Hope you like! I'm off to finish watching baseball with my hun.





Wearing a special edition color by OPI for GUESS called GUESS which color i'm wearing.

Top: Thrifted/ Pants: old ?/ Shoes: ASOS/ Necklaces: Macys/ Sunnies: UO/ Clutch: ASOS (old)


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