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Saturday, October 15, 2011


Ok so I know I already made a post today but I couldn't help but share. (skip the middle if you have a short attention span..lol)

I can honestly say when I first started this blog, with it being a personal style blog, I expected to sit here and make post after post with no one but my hun and myself following. I really didn't expect anything of it and to be honest, with the way I feel about fashion, I could sit here and make post after post with no one following and still be content. There's just something about having my own lil piece of the net that I enjoy. I'm just weird like that! So you can imagine how crazy ecstatic I am that you guys are actually following and viewing my posts. It won't seem like a lot but forty something followers is a BIG deal to me. I know a lot of people add blogs in hopes of gaining followers and they never stop back or comment and i'm TRULY ok with that. As long as you're talking about fashion or anything beauty related i'm more than happy to follow back. But when people actually stop to say they enjoyed something, that's amazing. I'm not saying i'll love all blogs, that's impossible, but that won't stop me from viewing what you have to offer. You never know! It's fun seeing and hearing others perspective on fashion because there's so much you can do with it and I can definitely use some tips in the beauty department (i'm no makeup guru). There are sooo many great blogs to keep up with and comment on in addition to our personal lives...it's madness. But I know how important freedom of choice is and i'm happy that you guys choose me. Cheers to that!

Anyway, i'm ranting again and this post is nothing short of pathetic and soppy but my whole point on making it was to share with you something I just came across that made my heart smile while doing my usual blog rounds. Here it is! Imagine how I felt when I visited Glam No Labelz and saw (unexpectedly) that she made an entire post about how much she liked my style/blog. WOW!! Thank you so much girl you have no idea how grateful I am for that. I appreciate ya! Be sure to check her out y'all.



  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out girl. I wasn't expecting you to do this. & by me showing love to you/blog I was never looking for anything back. I do it because like I mentioned, I like your blog/style & wanted to share it with others. You deserve the recognition. I'm no one big, or guru (like you mentioned) lol...Just a girl who loves beauty related things & trying to make a difference in this world..blah blah ok enough. Lol
    Thanks :)

  2. aww you deserve it :) your style is on point hun x


  3. Wonderful to say dear, really...I'm glad you're satisfied and we are you!So I accidentally found your blog on Chictopia site,and really liked your style.I'll follow you continue safe.I have only 30 followers, but I hope that they will continue to be a lot more,and the same and I want you honey!!!Kiss <3

  4. aww congrats. love your blog


  5. Hi Twana! So glad to come across your blog. Similarly to you, I started my blog in April and didn't think there'd be too many people following my blog. From what I can see scrolling down, you have a fantastic sense of style and warm smile (not all bloggers smile in their pix). Your blog is doing fantastic, and just remember if you write it people will read it :) people like me ;)


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