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Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary fashion

Soooo with halloween being tonight and all I thought it would be a great idea to recreate an email I received from refinery 29 a few days ago. The email was about fashion they find scary. So i'll be sharing with you the top 5 fashions I find terrifying to say the least. =o In deciding these, I took into consideration my body type, culture, where I live and a few other things that aren't important to mention. I won't ever say never when it comes to fashion but I will say I don't see myself wearing these any time soon. At least not if I have to buy it with my own money. =) So here they are:

1) Extreme bell bottoms! THE most terrifying of them all (which would be equivalent to me sitting in a dark room alone watching paranormal activity.....Hellllzzzzz NO).


2) Denim overalls (despite how cute she looks, i'm too girly for this trend and my body would definitely disappear in something like that. Not a good thing! I can't lie though, i'm an 80's baby and back in the day we use to wear the mess out of these...lol)


3) Platform sneakers - I'll only wear these if someone gifted them to me. I can't see myself going into a store and leaving with these. However, Prada does make some other styles (like the wedge) with this same concept that I would consider. Lot's of celebrities wearing these now.


4) Long fur coats - this one not so much because it looks bad but because i've never lived anywhere in my entire life that was cold enough for something like this. Just looking at it makes me feel hot...i'll pass. But I must say it'll make a good blanket....fake fur of course.


5) 90% of Lady Gaga's fashion - this is another one where it's not so much because it looks bad but because i'm not making the money she makes or have a character who I need to portray at all times. I have no reason to dress like this. She is bad ass though and I do love her. Who knows, i'll probably pull together my best Gaga impersonation for a future post but do know I will be terrified in the process.

(all images obtained via a google search)

What about you guys? What's one fashion trend that scares you?



  1. Lovely...We do not celebrate Halloween,so I do not have to think about it...:)))

  2. @JelenaR I don't either but I really thought it was the perfect time to reveal some scary fashion. =)


  3. This is so funny!!! I hate overalls!! They scare me and in my personal opinion should never be worn unless your working on a farm or in a garden or somewhere that you get dirty!! They are unflattering and just plain weird!!!!!

    (just my opinion:) I'm also an 80's baby so I used to wear them too with only one shoulder strapped on and the other hanging behind. Too Funny!
    xoxo Denise


  4. lol@ the extreme bell bottoms! even if i was the tallest gal on earth i wont be caught wearing that!haha


  5. @Denise Pacurar LOL you totally get where I'm coming from. I did the same thing with the one shoulder. Funny how time changes things. =)


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