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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Times 3

Hey dolls, how've you been? I've been keeping myself so busy for the last couple days I haven't given myself anytime to post. That and I haven't been wearing anything spectacular, just mostly grab and go clothes for errands. I thought i'd still share these with you anyway. They get to share a post! =)

A little off the fashion topic I wanted to remind everyone how important it is that we cherish each and every person that we care about in this world. Also cherish each and every moment that you have with these people. All the silly fighting and grudges will never be worth it in the end. I know we all know this but we tend to forget how important it is until something serious happens to someone we know or someone we care about. Let's never wait until it's too late! Here are the outfits!

Outfit 1

Outfut 1 pink
Top: F21/Jeans & scarf (my son's): H&M/Shoes: Zara/ Backpack: Prada

Outfit 2

Outfit 2 stripes
Top: H&M/ Pants: Zara/ Vest: Guess/ Shoes: ASOS/ Jewelry: DIY, Rachel Roy (RR), Real, F21/ Nails: OPI (name: Do you lilac it?)

Outfit 3

Outfit 3 blue
Top, cardigan & pants: Zara/ Shoes: Polo/ Purse: TJ Maxx/ Jewelry: RR

Posted these in the order I wore them. Hope you like!



  1. Cute looks! The first one is my favorite. :D



  2. girl, love your hair on the first picture <3

  3. looks number 1 is definitely my choice ;-)


  4. I love the first look, the striped scarf is stunning!

  5. I love all three of these looks! The first one is my fave though. Your nails and accessories are so pretty in the second one and I'm loving the blue cardi in the third.

    I love your style. You betta werk!

  6. i love outfit 1 and 2 the most!! xoxo



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