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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Andrew Charles Collection Event

Hey guys, so i'm back (LOL..typed this last night) from the release of the Andrew Charles by Andrew Hilfiger Collection at Macys and I have one word to explain it. ROCKTASTIC! Ok so it's not a real word but you get what I mean.

I heard about this event through a PR firm called Everywhere. They contacted me via my blog asking if I was interested in attending and giving feedback in exchange for a Macy's gift card (I have to let you know this to be in compliance with FTC rules). Of course I said yes because 1) It's fashion 2) Networking opportunities and 3) Free shopping money =). I have to say I did go into this expecting not to be WOW'd by the clothes or the event but I was...I so was. I had such a good time. These people (you'll read about everyone below) are the real deal. I mean who else releases a line at Macy's with a full on rock concert? No one!

The designer

Andrew Hilfiger is so down to earth and so passionate about what he does it's amazing and very contagious. He's super energetic and super involved. He walked through the collection showing and explaining pieces. The line as mentioned in my previous blog was inspired by the legendary rock singer, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. When I read that I was so sure the line wouldn't appeal to me because Steven Tyler's style if you don't know, is very ecclectic and unique. Bell bottom jeweled pants, fitted animal print tops, cowboy boots, scarves, prints on top of prints on top of prints...all in one outfit...you get my point. I thought, how can someone successfully create a line inspired by Steven Tyler for the non rockstar? I got my answer tonight. Here are some of the pieces from the collection that were my absolute favorite that I would wear.


Andrew charles 1
My favorite top, rockstar shirt, leather pants, biker pants

Andrew Charles 2
Scarves, leather jacket, jeweled stripe top, sheer pants for comfort

Andrew Charles 3
Awesome sheer tops I can wear off the shoulder with leather pants.

The quality is really great also. For more of the line you can visit the Macy's website.

Andrew Hilfiger & I (more about him here)

The entertainment

Travelling with him is the garage pop band The Click Clack Boom (more about them here) which is under AHE (Andrew Hilfiger Entertainment). Also performing alongside the band was the designer himself. This man was born to rock and it's amazing seeing how he combines the two elements I love the most in this world; fashion and music. There was also a guest performance by up and coming pop singer Angelica Salem (more about her and to hear her music click here). All in all the performances were great. I enjoy great live vocal performances and none of the acts disappointed. Angelica really has some catchy songs and there's one in particular called Knock off ft. Lil Kim that I really like. Check it out!



They're so much fun!

I think this is when he was getting ready to run through the crowd.



The entire crew!

This event reinforced one thing I already knew about fashion and that's to never be close minded. The clothes were really awesome. If I wasn't on a shopping hiatus I would really consider buying a few of the pieces I posted above. I probably will eventually. I'm sure you guys will see the line when you visit Macy's. Let me know what you think! Would you wear any of the pieces?

The extras
Met some really cool people who I exchanged info with one of whom was Suzelaine, beauty & fashion editor at Lumiere Magazine. Their magazine launches in summer of 2012 but for now they do have an active website here. I thought she looked really cute so I asked if I could take a pic. =)


Hope you enjoyed the post! Sorry for the length but I just felt I had to get it all (and this wasn't even half of it) in there. More on facebook! I filmed video of the performances but blogger is being really mean, i'll probably add those at a later date. In the meantime, check out your mall calendars because they're touring and this isn't something you want to miss if you love fashion. Plus there's lots of cool giveaways that you get to take home. =) Let me know what you guys think of everything. Ok?!! Take care dolls and have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. Proper outfit post to follow. =)



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