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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Neon in the fall + sunglasses stalking


Hey dolls, how've you been?

I've been great.  My momma had a successful surgery last week which i'm extremely happy about.  YAY!!  I finally got around to taking pics & i'm excited.  Although extremely casual, what I love about this look is the fact that no one else around me was wearing neon.  My pants stood out like a blooming flower sitting in a bed of thorns. =) LOL!  I love the coolness of fall but (in my opinion) the way people dress during the fall can be a bit depressing (at least where I live) as far as color goes (not talking style here).  Plus I keep getting sick so I needed some color in my life to lift my mood.

As for the outfit!  I'm a huge lover of big cats so no doubt this is one of my favorite tops.  I was heading out to meet up with visiting family members so I knew I needed comfortable walking shoes.  These Zara booties does just that for me; provide comfort while adding a little bit of edge.  I do have other shoes that I would have preferred wearing with this look but comfort will always win when I know i'll be doing lots of walking.  The pants were a no-brainer because it goes so well with his (the cat on my top) eyes. =)  This look is my way of edging up a jeans and t-shirt look.  Hope you enjoy!






Top: F21  |  Jacket: Urban Outfitters  |  Pants: AE  |  Shoes & necklace: Zara  |  Bag: Target  |  Sunnies: ASOS

My Current Obsessions: Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are still one of my favorite accessories.  They're the perfect complimentary piece to add instant chicness and personality to any outfit.  The ones i'm wearing in this post are my current faves that I purchased from ASOS recently.  This time of year always puts me in the shopping mood so I spend hours and hours (I know it's really sad =( LOL) on the internet just browsing...sometimes shopping =).  I'm ok in the clothes and shoes department so i've been spending most of my time scouring accessories, specifically sunglasses.  I just wanted to share a few that I think could fill the current void that i'm having.  Of course I still want every pair of Raybans in existence but these are some of the other brands/designs that caught my eye. =)

sunglasses collage 3
I found all these styles here at this website.  They offer a lot of my favorite brands.  What do you guys think about these?  Which style would you go for?

I actually started this post before thanksgiving but got so busy.  So HAPPY (LATE) THANKSGIVING!  Hope everyone enjoyed, I know I did.  I'm still full as I type this...LOL.




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