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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Floral edge

Two years ago if someone recommended I buy floral print I would have asked whose grandma are we visiting. Now, not only do I own multiple floral pieces, I own FLORAL HAREM PANTS. Are you kidding me?? =) I just love the way my style evolves over time. I usually don't plan changes they kind of just happen. Maybe my years and years of magazine consumption has something to do with it. Who knows?! All I know is they're so comfortable and I love the way the colors pop against the black (which of course my crappy camera doesn't capture but hey at least I have a camera). They immediately caught my attention as I browsed H&M one day not even looking to buy anything. What about you guys? Do you wear floral prints?

Top: H&M/ Pants: H&M/ Shoes: Kelsi Dagger/ Clutch: H&M/ Necklace: Forever 21 (new)


  1. i love how u styled those floral pants... it is amazing you can take so many bold pieces and make it look effortless :)!

  2. VERY cute. Lovin the yellow accents!

  3. You look so so cute! Love this entire outfit!

    XOXO Denise


    I'm a new follower! Maybe we can follow each other? :)

  4. Great look! : ) I love way you mixed yellow into your outfit! BEAUTIFUL!

    Check out our blog, please: http://cinderellaalert.blogspot.com/
    And if you like we could follo each other! ; )

  5. This is so sweeet! I really love the clutch and the color of it! This is a great blog!

    I just joined your blog and became a new follower.
    Hope you will vistit be back and maybe follow me too! :)

    love http://and-mary.blogspot.com/

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. You guys always add to my smiles.

    P.S. @Cinderella alert, @Mary & @Denise Of course i'll follow! =)



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