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Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm backkkkk


Hey loves, how've you been?

Oh how i've missed typing on here with this bright ass white background staring at me as I ramble on and on about nothing really.  I LOVE it!  It's been almost 3 months since I last blogged (boooo) and seriously THAT SUCKS!!!!  Those of you who actually read this knew that I traveled back home to the Caribbean for a few months.  I got so caught up in life and what was happening around me both mentally and physically that I lost track of my blogging.  My family and I have been going through some stressful stuff but don't get me wrong, as you can tell from my last post I had a GREAT trip.  Life is truly a blessing and although you may hit road blocks along the way, there's still a LOT to be grateful for.  I'm not one to open up or seek pity so I try to lead a positive life and keep it moving no matter what.  Leading a positive life to me starts with surrounding myself with things that make me happy.  Maybe that's why I have so many obsessions...LOL.  A girls gotta keep her mind busy.  I highly recommend a book called "The Power" by  Rhonda Byrne to people who are interested in living a more positive life.  Most of you should have heard of this; it's the follow up book to it's successful predecessor "The Secret".  It reads a bit redundant but you have to really think about the message.  Let me know if any of you have read it, i'll love to hear your thoughts.

So let's seeeee....what's happened since i've been gone? **thinking** nothing much has changed with me fashion wise.  I'm still obsessed with just about everything fashion related; still hate fashion rules: still very much attracted to everything colorful; my shoe collection has grown a little (not too much); my wardrobe has expanded (i'm over trying to control this); my favorite basketball team won the championship (GOOOO HEATS); my one year blog anniversary has passed (=( sad I didn't get to post); very much in love and still engaged (the movie 5 year engagement will have nothing on me..haha I kid); still don't have my DSLR (sad face); still living in Florida and the rest i'm sure will come to me some other time.  I know I know, I act like i've been gone for a year...LOL.

About the look: I was feeling like a princess today so I wore my tutu style pleated Jones & Jones skirt and paired it with a black open-back sweater (sorry no pics of the back =(, maybe next time) to give it a more fall feel although the weather here in Florida is super warm.  I personalized the look by adding a baseball cap and my new favorite Zara booties.  I've developed an obsession for gold and anything gold trimmed.  This just in time to keep me in trend since metallics are on the menu this fall.  Black and gold have become one of my favorite color combos and I hope you love it as much as I do.

I REALLY appreciate you sticking around and supporting my blog.  Thanks to the sweet readers who sent me emails while I was gone.  You're the best!



I noticed I squint so much in my pics.  I literally can't see without sunglasses.  Maybe I should have put them on. =)




Look at this beautiful earth God has given us.  Just give me a good book and bottled water and i'll spend hours here. 

Top & hat: H&M | Skirt: Jones & Jones via re-sale store | Shoes: Zara | Sunglasses: ASOS

Hope you enjoy the pics until next time!



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