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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes...I'm infatuated!


Hey fashion dolls, how's it going?

Last night I had the opportunity to attend an all star weekend fashion show which i'll share my thoughts on in my next post.

For now I want to share with you my new babies...my Jeffrey Campbell Lita spikes. I've been searching for these in my size since forever but always had bad timing. My inner bad gyal just had to have them and there was no stopping her...LOL. They apparently sell out really fast but this time I was lucky. Well at least I think I was. =) If you've never owned a pair of Jeffrey Campbell's and you're planning to let me warn you, if you're not use to extreme platforms these shoes are VERY intimidating. Opening the box for the first time I had so many mixed emotions. It felt like my inner bad gyal was warring with my outer shy girl. It went something like this: Bad gyal; "OMGGGG these are SICK, such bad ass...Hell Yeah!", Shy girl; "Oh lord have mercy what did I get myself in to? I'll kill someone or myself in these shoes." As you can see, the bad gyal won. I didn't send them back and i'm actually a lot obsessed with them. They are super super comfortable for such high shoes.

My overall verdict on JC shoes; they design shoes that target the emotions in women that every designer should be trying to target. It's the same emotion that forces us to make impulse buys and keeps us online or in stores looking for that IT product. The level of intrigue with his shoes is off the shoe loving scale...if that makes sense. These are the only shoes that I'VE ever seen on a website with almost 1000 reviews. I think i've caught the JC bug! Aahhhh Shoeee!!!! BAHAHA! I know...corny...but you get my point. I'll also add that they do photograph beautifully. Hope you enjoy the pics and please feel free to let me know what you think!



I was testing all my new nail polish colors and decided to keep my nails this way. =)






Top & bag: Zara/ Pants: Target (still available)/ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (here)/ Necklace: Nordstrom (here)

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Monday, February 20, 2012



Hey fashion dolls, how's it going?

Hope everyone got off to a great start this week. Mine was going great until I witnessed a car accident that left me traumatized. So sad! There were 5 people laid out on the side of the road and they all left in ambulances. Hopefully everyone is ok. Tomorrow will be a better day...I can feel it. =)

About the outfit: I've had this navy striped jacket for almost a year now and this is only my second time wearing it. It's a little too tight for my shoulders. Plus vertical stripes can be tricky to wear. Because of my body type, I would never pair this jacket with anything too busy. All my other pieces need to remain in the solid color category which is what I did with this look. My neon cardigans (this yellow one and the pink seen here) were a great purchase because they are the perfect pop of color to more than half the stuff in my closet. Originally I did have this paired with my long navy wide legged trousers but that turned out WAY to formal for where I was going. To dress it down I changed in to my old faithful BDG shorts which you will continue to see a lot of. As always, I Hope you enjoy the pics!








Jacket: H&M (similar here)/ Cardigan: F21 (similar here)/ Shorts: UO (similar here)/ Bag: Zara (old but similar here)/Shoes: Zara (or these could work)

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Friday, February 10, 2012



Hi dolls, how's it going?

As you can tell from these pics i'm soooo ready for spring. Although we've mostly been experiencing spring like weather this winter i'm still ready for it to be permanent. =) Mostly because of the huge neon trend that's about to consume the fashion world and enlighten my life...haha. Anyone who actually reads my posts knows I'm OBSESSED with color. The brighter the better. What about you guys? Are you excited for Spring?

With that said, this outfit is kind of a warm up for next season. This tummy bearing top had the breeze blowing in all the right places. I purchased it last spring but this is my first time wearing it. I usually don't like to expose my tummy but if I do I like to keep it conservative on the bottom. Depends on where i'm going. Hence the reason i'm wearing long pants and not my usual shorts. Hope you enjoy!

The top and pants are actually burnt orange but for some reason I was getting compliments from people saying they loved my red outfit....LOL.








Top: F21 (similar here)/ Pants: H&M (new)/ Shoes: UO (old but similar here)/ Sunnies: Rayban Wayfarers (similar here)/ Necklaces: F21

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Saturday, February 4, 2012



Hey dolls, how's it going?

You guys have been holding out on me. There seems to be a method to shopping that I wasn't aware of until recently. I've always been the if you like it buy it person and if you can't buy it stay away from the stores and sites. I was eyeing these shorts at Urban outfitters (UO). They were originally forty something dollars but something told me to wait so I did and finally was able to grab them for a mere 10 bucks. Good timing because I had no idea when they were going on sale or if they even were! I went into the store on Wednesday (day I took these pics which is 3 months later than I bought them) and they're fully restocked and back to full price. I figured them being on sale meant they were in the store too long and the style was going out to make room for newer stuff. I guess I was wrong and i'm so happy I lucked out on that because I love them. I love shorts period, the more artistic the better. Maybe someone working in retail can fill me in on how this stuff works and help me save lots of money. =) I know stuff goes on sale and goes back to regular price sometimes but I didn't know once sale stuff sells out there's a chance of them coming back. I never have this kind of luck with shoes. Once they're sold out I never see them again which breaks my tiny little heart. =(







Top: Zara, Sweater and bag: F21, Shorts: UO, Shoes: H&M, Necklaces: F21 & Betsey J, Sunnies: Ray Ban

Instagram photo of nail design i'm wearing in these pics. If you have instagram follow me @HeelsNposes. I'll follow back.

Thanks so much for visiting, reading and commenting. I REALLY appreciate y'all! Hope you enjoy the pics!


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